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Azodin barrel threads
Azodin uses an Autococker style thread on all of their paintball markers. It is the most common style barrel thread in the industry so you should have no problem finding many options for upgrades or r
Can I use my paintball marker/equipment in the rain?
You should not run into a problem if you were to use your gear in the rain or average bad weather. Most manufacturers of the electronics in the guns and loaders use a clear coating on their boards and
Can the Tippmann TCR shoot Full Auto
Unfortunately, the Tippmann TCR is a mechanical only gun. The TCR is actually just a glorified version of the TiPX Pistol . It has some accessories added to it to give it a larger more tactical feel a
Compatibility on a Tippmann Sierra One
There are a couple of guns that Tippmann makes that have different names in the US than outside of the states. They are the Tango One, Bravo One, and the Sierra One. They are identical to the US versi
Difference between Etek LT and AM
As far as how the gun works and the performance characteristics of the gun, there is no difference. The internal pieces of the marker and what they are made of are identical. The differences come from
DLX Luxe 2.0 OLED screen
The DLX Luxe 2.0 OLED replacement screen was not designed in shape or connection style to be used on any other board type. If you have an old Tadao board with a burnt out or dim screen, this replaceme
Do your settings stay on your gun when you switch boards
All of the settings for your paintball marker are retained on the board itself. If you remove/switch boards because of either failure or upgrade, you will have to reset your old settings onto the new
Empire Axe and Mini senor board
The Empire Axe sensor board and Empire Mini sensor board both come with the eye sensors attached to them. You do not need to order any extra parts and the sensor boards will drop right in as a replace
General gun maintanence
People ask all the time "Is this gun hard to maintain?" or "Does this gun require a lot of maintenance?". Maintaining a paintball marker or accessory is a very easy thing if you keep up with the needs
GOG eNMEy Barrel compatability
The GOG eNMEy uses an Ion/Impulse style thread for their barrels. This is a very common thread and there are many different options for aftermarket barrels. The GOG One Piece Carbon Fiber Freak Barrel
How do I convert my paintball marker to run on compressed air?
Every once in a while we get asked " I want to convert my paintball gun to run on compressed air (HPA). What upgrades/changes do I need in order to make this work?". The truth is that you don't need a
How to convert 50 cal eNMEy to 68 cal
The eNMEy cartridge style spool valve system allows you to convert from .50 caliber to .68 using no tools and there is no "kit" or adapter pieces need to do the change. Switching calibers is as simple
KP3 Tank Compatibility
The Azodin KP3 Pump Marker is compatible with all size and shape compressed air systems. It does not matter the size (13ci - 110ci) bottle you have, as long as you can screw it into the gun ASA and yo
LPR piston compatability for Origin 08 EGO
The Origin 08 Ego uses the same LPR piston that the standard 08 EGO uses.
Planet Eclipse EMC Kit Compatability
The Planet Eclipse Etha EMC kit is designed from factory to only be compatible with the ETHA paintball marker. It is possible to modify it to fit other markers as well. This does require you to cut, s
Planet Eclipse Gemini Kit Compatibility
The Planet Eclipse Gemini Kit is designed to only fit the Etek 5, LV1 and LV1.1. If you are looking to put a collapsible, folding or fixed stock onto the Gemini kit, you will want to get one that is T
Running SLP tanks on guns
As a rule of thumb, it is always good to double the shooting pressure of the gun with your output pressure on your tank. So if you have a gun that operates at 250 psi, then an optimal output pressure
Shocker RSX Main Chamber Recall and Upgrade
Shocker Paintball is issuing a mandatory recall on the Shocker RSX Main Chambers. From ShockerPaintball's website: "We have recently discovered that a difficult to detect machining error has occurred
Shutting the eyes off on your Planet Eclipse marker
There are times that you might want to shut the eye system off on your marker to do tech work or clear a breach break. Here is a list of ways to shut the eyes off on various markers. Etek 1,2: After m
Thread size for Regulator bonnet and ASA
We get asked all the time about the thread size on paintball tank bonnets and the Air Source Adapters (ASA) that they screw into. Here are the correct thread specs on both the male and female version
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