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Azodin barrel threads
Azodin uses an Autococker style thread on all of their paintball markers. It is the most common style barrel thread in the industry so you should have no problem finding many options for upgrades or r
Barrel adapaters. Which one do I need for my gun?
There may come a time when you upgrade to a new paintball marker and are lost on what barrel to use. You have a barrel that you loved for your old marker, but the barrel threads wont fit on your new m
Can I use my A5 Flatline barrel with a Freak Kit?
There is no real or good reason that you would want to use a Freak Barrel Kit with a Flatline barrel even if it was possible to put the two systems together. There is no way to attach the Flatline bar
Ceramic Paintball Barrel
A ceramic paintball barrel tends to be a misconception within paintball. When someone talks about a ceramic paintball barrel they are referring to an aluminum barrel with a ceramic coating on the insi
Compatibility on a Tippmann Sierra One
There are a couple of guns that Tippmann makes that have different names in the US than outside of the states. They are the Tango One, Bravo One, and the Sierra One. They are identical to the US versi
Empire Super Freak Compatiablity
The Empire Super Freak and Super Freak Jr. are compatible with all Smart Parts/GOG Paintball Freak Barrel products. The tips, backs and inserts are all interchangeable with each other.
Freak back compatability
The GOG Freak Back is compatible with all of the Freak Kit Tips. This includes the GOG All American Fronts, GOG All American Front Carbon Fiber, GOG Apex Ready Tips, GOG Freak Fronts and the Empire Va
GOG eNMEy Barrel compatability
The GOG eNMEy uses an Ion/Impulse style thread for their barrels. This is a very common thread and there are many different options for aftermarket barrels. The GOG One Piece Carbon Fiber Freak Barrel
How much barrel length does the Lapco barrel adapter add
This all depends on the adapter being used. Different styles of guns use different thread styles and lengths for their barrels so this will affect the overall length of the adapter. On the average, th
Is there a difference between Aluminum and Stainless Steel Freak Inserts?
People say there are two main differences between the Aluminum and Stainless Steel Freak inserts. The first would obviously be the weight. The stainless steel inserts will be slightly heavier than the
Lapco barrel adapter bore size
The Lapco barrel adapters have an average bore size of .687-.688 inches
Paintball Barrel Lengths
If you want to get the right paintball Barrel length then listen up! ANSgear offers paintball barrel lengths starting at 8 inches and max out at about 24 inches. The most common and best all around
Planet Eclipse FR Back compatability
The Planet Eclipse FR Back is compatible with all GOG Freak inserts (both Stainless Steel and Aluminum ) , Empire Super Freak Inserts and Vanquish inserts .
Sniper Paintball Barrel
The ANSgear Paintball Sniper Barrel info will help you make a decision on what paintball barrel to purchase. When someone is looking for a Paintball sniper barrel it is assumed they want the most accu
Using a Special Ops Tippmann A5 MP5-SD Shorty Shroud with an Apex 2 barrel
When using the Special Ops Tippmann A5 MP5-SD Shorty Shroud , you will need at the least a 10 inch Apex 2 barrel in order to clear the shroud and not have the Apex 2 housing hit the Shorty Shroud when
Weights of GOG/Smart Parts Freak Barrel Components
Here is a breakdown of all the GOG/Smart Parts Freak Barrel Components and what they weigh: 14" All American Front : 2.368 ounces 14" Freak Front : 2.816 ounces 16" All American Front : 3.296 ounces 1
Will an Apex 2 barrel fit through the shroud on my marker?
When trying to determine whether your Apex 2 barrel will fit through your shroud and mount to your marker, take this into consideration. The Apex 2 barrel tip will take up approximately 1.5 inches of
Will the shaft 5 barrel back work with the shaft pro tip?
Yes, the Shaft 5 Barrel Back is compatible with the Shaft Pro Tip .
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