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BT Rip Clip compatability
The Empire BT Rip Clip is compatible with all the BT-4 style markers . This includes the Omega, Combat, ERC, Delta, Delta Elite, Slice G36 and Slice G36 Elite. The Rip Clip also comes with adapters to
Can I use my paintball marker/equipment in the rain?
You should not run into a problem if you were to use your gear in the rain or average bad weather. Most manufacturers of the electronics in the guns and loaders use a clear coating on their boards and
Dye R2 weather resistance
There are many videos that you can find of the DYE Rotor and R2 working under water or after being submerged in water. While this is something that can be done, it is definitely not recommended nor is
Loader compatibility for the GOG eNMEy
The GOG eNMEy .50 cal paintball gun is designed to work with the GOG Multi Caliber loader only. The feed neck that is on the gun is designed to hold a loader feed neck that is for the .68 cal size. Th
Magna Shell compatability
We have many questions about magna shells and what will work or fit inside of them. The magna shell will only work with Magna loader internals. You can not put Halo B, Reloader B or Halo TOO parts int
Universal Speed feeds. What loaders do they fit?
There are many different types of loaders out there and it can be confusing as to which speed feeds fit them. One of the most common is the universal speed feed. This style speed feed will work with m
What adjustments to the Dye R2 Loader can you make?
There are a couple of different things you can adjust on the Dye Rotor R2: RELOAD ALERT SYSTEM The R-2 is equipped with a reload alert system. This system will alert you when your hopper is low on pai
What comes with the Rotor Power Button?
The only thing that you will get when you order the Rotor Power Button is the button itself. It does not come with an LED or light of any kind. The LED is on the board/motor housing and is not a repla
What loaders are the Shocktech Halo Speed Wheel compatible with
The Shocktech Halo Speed Wheel is compatible with all the Halo B style/compatible loaders. The Halo B, Halo V35, Reloader B2, Halo Too. It will not work in loaders like a Prophecy, Evolution, Revoluti
What speed feed for Tippmann Hopper
The standard tippmann hopper and pretty much all 200 round hoppers us any brand of Universal/Halo version of the speed feed.
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