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Color difference between HDR Magneto and HDR Supernova
The HDR Magneto has a reddish maroon center that transitions outward to an orange and then ends in a gold color by the ears. The HDR Supernova has the same reddish maroon center but transitions to an
Does the Atlas Dye I4 Visor work on an I5
The Dye Atlas I4 visor will work on the Dye I5. The vented mount system on the top is the same style for both masks will accept the visor.
Dye I5 Lense options
The Dye I5 mask uses the same lens as the I4 mask. Any color or style that you see for the I4 will work for the I5. They did not design or release a new lens specifically for the Dye I5. Here is a lin
Finding the right paintball mask
If you were to ask a friend or fellow paintballer, "What paintball mask should I buy?" or "What is the best paintball mask?", you are going to get a ton of different answers. Everyone has a different
GoPro on a Dye I5
The only dedicated mounting position is on the sides of the Dye I5. There is a section at the top of the mask towards the front that looks like you might be able to mount something to it, but the hole
Mounting a GoPro or action camera on a Dye I5
The Dye I5 mask will support the addition of an action camera the likes of a Go Pro. You might need to purchase an additional mount if your particular camera does not come with it. For mounting a Go P
Propper maintenance for paintball lenses
Ever wonder how to properly maintain your paintball lenses. Here are some helpful hints to prolong the life of your lenses. First off, never use any cleaning solution that has ammonia in it. This can
Thermal Paintball Lens
A thermal paintball lens is a must have for any paintball mask. A thermal paintball lens or thermal paintball mask will keep your goggles from fogging up on the paintball field. Most of the paintb
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