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What is the difference between CO2 and Compressed Air (HPA) for paintball?
The biggest question we at get besides what paintball gun should someone buy is “What is the difference between CO2 and Compressed Air tanks for paintball?”, or “What is better, C
Difference between Etek LT and AM
As far as how the gun works and the performance characteristics of the gun, there is no difference. The internal pieces of the marker and what they are made of are identical. The differences come from
Is there a difference between Aluminum and Stainless Steel Freak Inserts?
People say there are two main differences between the Aluminum and Stainless Steel Freak inserts. The first would obviously be the weight. The stainless steel inserts will be slightly heavier than the
Difference between Picatinny and Weaver rails
There are some definite differences between the “Weaver” and the “Picatinny” systems? If you look at the two systems from the side and depending on the quality of the machining done by the manufacture
Color difference between HDR Magneto and HDR Supernova
The HDR Magneto has a reddish maroon center that transitions outward to an orange and then ends in a gold color by the ears. The HDR Supernova has the same reddish maroon center but transitions to an
Available barrels for a Spyder Hammer 7
The Spyder Hammer 7 paintball marker uses the standard Spyder style thread for its barrels. The only difference is that the barrel threads into an adapter that is then mounted to the gun. This gives t
Luxe OLED and Luxe ICE Grips. Are they different?
The Luxe OLED grips and the Luxe ICE grips are actually the same grip except for one small detail. For most of the life of the Luxe 2.0 & OLED the grips for the gun had a slightly different shape and
Dye R2 weather resistance
There are many videos that you can find of the DYE Rotor and R2 working under water or after being submerged in water. While this is something that can be done, it is definitely not recommended nor is
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