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CO2 or HPA Tank Thread Saver
One of the most common problems that cause any type of paintball tank/regulator to be rendered useless is damage to the tanks bonnet. The bonnet or threading of the paintball tank is what portion of y
4500 Paintball Tanks
A 4500 PSI tank is referring the pressure that a compressed paintball air tank can hold. When someone uses the term PSI, they are referring to Pounds per Square Inch. The higher the pressure, the more
Common HPA tank regulator problems and fixes
There are a couple of common tank problems that occur that can easily be fixed at home by the user. One way fitting (were you fill your tank) leaks are very common and only require you to remove the f
HPA Tank regulator rules when flying
Just in case you were wondering about traveling with your paintball tank, here is some information direct from the TSA's website about compressed gas cylinders . Compressed gas cylinders Special Instr
What do the HPA tank descriptions refer to?
When you look at the description of an HPA tank, you will be hit with a couple of different numbers. It could read something like this: Ninja SL Carbon Fiber Air Tank w/ Adjustable Regulator - 68/4500
Cye C9 Camo Tank Cover
The Dye C9 Rhino Tank Cover - 45CI - DyeCam that is currently listed on the website was designed to only fit a 45ci bottle size. You might be able to stretch it to fit a 50ci bottle, but the top and b
What is the difference between CO2 and Compressed Air (HPA) for paintball?
The biggest question we at get besides what paintball gun should someone buy is “What is the difference between CO2 and Compressed Air tanks for paintball?”, or “What is better, C
CO2 tank valves
While it is true that most current regulators that you find on todays HPA/compressed air tanks are rebuildable, CO2 tank valves unfortunately are not. CO2 tank valves are not regulators and therefore
Filling a paintball HPA tank with a home compressor
Trying to fill your paintball tank with your dad's shop compressor in the garage? Probably not going as well as you had hoped. Shop or garage compressors that you could purchase from your local hardwa
Running SLP tanks on guns
As a rule of thumb, it is always good to double the shooting pressure of the gun with your output pressure on your tank. So if you have a gun that operates at 250 psi, then an optimal output pressure
Correct tank for a Tippmann gun with Cyclone & Response Trigger
If you are running a Tippmann 98 , A5 or X7 (not Phenom) with both the Response Trigger and a Cyclone Feed System , you should be running a HPA tank with a Ninja SHP Regulator or Guerrilla Regulator w
Tips For Playing Paintball In Winter
Playing paintball doesn’t have to stop for the season when the weather drops and snow starts sticking to the ground if you’re properly prepared. Paintballs, markers and equipment all react dif
KP3 Tank Compatibility
The Azodin KP3 Pump Marker is compatible with all size and shape compressed air systems. It does not matter the size (13ci - 110ci) bottle you have, as long as you can screw it into the gun ASA and yo
Thread size for Regulator bonnet and ASA
We get asked all the time about the thread size on paintball tank bonnets and the Air Source Adapters (ASA) that they screw into. Here are the correct thread specs on both the male and female version
How do I convert my paintball marker to run on compressed air?
Every once in a while we get asked " I want to convert my paintball gun to run on compressed air (HPA). What upgrades/changes do I need in order to make this work?". The truth is that you don't need a
Pressure adjustability of Ninja regulators
Here is the breakdown for adjustability on all of Ninja's regulators Ninja Standard 4500 or 3000 psi Regulator : This regulator is the least expensive option available while still givin
First Strike Hero/Guerrilla Regulator output pressures
First Strike Hero Regulator - 4500 psi comes preset at 850 psi output and is compatible with the Guerrilla Air G3/P3/Hero Regulator Pressure Kit Extra Low Pressure (275-300 psi) , Low Pressure (400-5
Teflon tape
There are many different air connections used on paintball markers and equipment. All of those connections that have air passing through them need to be airtight with no leaks. The most common way to
Dye Lock Lid Compatability
There are not any packs that we have found that the Dye Lock Lids will not work in. Some of the packs can be a little tight making it a little bit harder to remove the pod, but if you leave the pods i
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