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CO2 or HPA Tank Thread Saver
One of the most common problems that cause any type of paintball tank/regulator to be rendered useless is damage to the tanks bonnet. The bonnet or threading of the paintball tank is what portion of y
Common HPA tank regulator problems and fixes
There are a couple of common tank problems that occur that can easily be fixed at home by the user. One way fitting (were you fill your tank) leaks are very common and only require you to remove the f
Available barrels for a Spyder Hammer 7
The Spyder Hammer 7 paintball marker uses the standard Spyder style thread for its barrels. The only difference is that the barrel threads into an adapter that is then mounted to the gun. This gives t
Barrel adapaters. Which one do I need for my gun?
There may come a time when you upgrade to a new paintball marker and are lost on what barrel to use. You have a barrel that you loved for your old marker, but the barrel threads wont fit on your new m
Will an Apex 2 barrel fit through the shroud on my marker?
When trying to determine whether your Apex 2 barrel will fit through your shroud and mount to your marker, take this into consideration. The Apex 2 barrel tip will take up approximately 1.5 inches of