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We have all of the 2010 Dangerous Power Fusion paintball guns in stock and to say the least, the gun rocks. The 2010 Fusion is a tournament gun that is ready to go right out of the box. Dangerous Power has been making high quality paintball guns for the last 6 years and has really stepped up their game with the 2010 Fusion.

Now for a quick rundown of the 2010 Dangerous Power Fusion. The gun comes stock with all the amenities including RAPS on/off ASA, two piece barrel, clamping feed neck, reversible double trigger, XL trigger frame with plenty of finger room, delrin bolt and programmable OLED Board.

The 2010 Dangerous Power Fusion is a poppet valve design which is completely different than the G3, Revi or Spec R. The 2010 Fusion has the bolt attached to the ram assembly which move together to fire the paintball. This system will give your 2010 Dangerous Power Fusion great accuracy, minimal kick, good efficiency and high rates of fire.

Fusion Features:
* 2010 Dangerous Power Fusion Custom OLED Board
* Reversible Double Trigger To fit Your Style
* Ultra Lock Clamping Feed Neck
* 2010 Dangerous Power Fusion Custom Lightweight Milling
* Two Piece Ported Barrel
* RAPS Lever On/Off ASA
* Dangerous Power Warranty

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