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This is your one stop shop for 50 Caliber Paintball conversion kits. If you have a standard 68 Caliber Paintball gun, you can easily convert your gun to shoot 50 caliber paintballs. Most of the 50 caliber paintball conversion kits include: Revised 50 caliber Breech, 50 Caliber bolt, 50 Caliber barrel, 50 Caliber feed neck and other small parts to easily convert your gun to 50 cal.
50 Caliber Ego Conversion Kit
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50 Caliber paintball conversion kits are going to let you shoot the paint size you want through the paintball gun of your choice. These drop in kits will allow your paintball gun to get greatly increased efficiency as well as consistency. At this time, there are a few 50 caliber conversion kits on the market with the expected release of kits by many manufacturers.

There has been a lot of praise for the 50 caliber conversion kits from many scenario paintball players and paintball teams. When you drop the 50 caliber paintball gun conversion kit into your gun, your paintballs get much smaller allowing them to easily make their way through brush or heavy cover.

Don't forget that with the purchase of your 50 caliber paintball conversion kit you will need to get a hopper that is capable of feeding 50 caliber paintballs. The special hopper is a must have for for anyone purchasing the 50 cal paintball conversion kit.
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