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Check out all of the latest and most updated information about 50 caliber paintball loaders. As all of the manufacturers release their new lines of 50 cal loaders and 50 caliber loader accessories, you will see them here first. We will have the most up to date information regarding 50 caliber paintball gear.
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Similar to 68 cal Paintball hoppers, the 50 caliber paintball loaders will come in a variety of different versions which include gravity fed, agitated and force fed.

The Gravity fed 50 cal paintball hopper is going to be the most basic. There are no electronics is this version of the 50 caliber loader and it will more likely need to be shaken a bit in order to feed a steady stream of balls into the loader.

The Agitated 50 caliber paintball loader is electronic with a sensor that turns on when you begin shooting your gun. The internal propeller of the agitated 50 cal paintball loader mixes up the paintballs and helps feed a consistent flow of balls into the gun.

The most high tech version of the 50 caliber paintball hopper is the force fed version. When you use this technology, the balls are loaded in the hopper with tension behind them which pushes them into the breech of your gun as you fire each shot. The force fed 50 caliber paintball loader will be the fastest feeding and only required for guns that shoot over 15 balls per second.

We are also expecting the release of 50 caliber loader conversion kits which will allow your 68 cal loader to easily feed 50 caliber paintballs. Check back often to see the most up to date loaders the 50 caliber paintball line has to offer.
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