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This is our new 50 Caliber Paintball section of the website. You will begin to see all of the new 50 caliber paintball products offered here as they are released to the public. We will continue to carry our standard full line of 68 caliber paintball products as well as the new 50 Caliber guns, gear, conversion kits, accessories and paintballs. Make this your number one stop to keep you in the loop for 50 cal paintball info.
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First Strike Roscoe .50 Caliber Paintball Revolver - Black First Strike Roscoe .50 Caliber Paintball Revolver - Black
Our Price: $149.95
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Some Quick Information Regarding 50 Caliber Paintball

50 Caliber Paintball has come about to give paintball players a larger variety of equipment for their style of play. In many countries, the caliber of the projectile is very important to the laws of their city, state or country. .50 Caliber paintball equipment is giving all of the people who never had a chance to play with or own a paintball gun an opportunity to get on the field and experience the game that we all love.

.50 Caliber paintball is also taking off within the scenario and woodsball communities. With the smaller diameter of the .50 caliber paintballs, they are ideal for shooting through tight brush cover and making their way to the opponent.

Another great bonus for 50 caliber paintball is for scenario players who want to carry a large amount of paint. A standard 50 caliber paintball loader can hold about 400 rounds which is a ton of fire power. Don't forget that each 140 round pod is capable of holding almost 300 additional 50 caliber paintballs.

The Air consumption of a 50 caliber paintball guns is also a lot less. Off of a standard 20 oz co2 bottle, you will be able to get roughly 3500-4000 shots out of your 50 caliber paintball gun off of one fill. If you are using a standard 68/4500 tank on your 50 caliber paintball gun you can be expected to get about 4000-5000 shots depending on the velocity and settings of your paintball gun.

Not only is 50 caliber paintball great for players that are already playing but for new players to the sport of paintball. 50 caliber paintball will be heavily targeted to fields as a stepping stone to get more players on the field.

50 caliber paintball will soon be an option for birthday parties, corporate outings or a group that is just looking to check out paintball.  With the lesser impact of a 50 caliber paintball, this will make the sport more accessible to a larger base of potential paintball players.

Due to the lesser impact of the 50 caliber paintball, fields and stores will make it easier to get both the older and younger players on the field together and ensure that they all have a fun experience during their day of play.

With all of the above said, we expect good things to continue to come both out of the 68 and 50 caliber paintball companies.
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