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The classic ANS Gen X Chaos Series paintball gun is back! The ANS GX Chaos Series pump paintball markers bring all the classic precision machining and features they are known for. If you're looking for a solid pump marker that can take a ton of accessories then take a look at the GX Chaos line. We have the full selection in EXCLUSIVE color options. If you're looking for a serious pump paintball gun for under $399.95 then the ANS GX is for you.
The ANS Gen X Chaos pump paintball guns are great markers. They retail for $399.95 and are professionally machined from high quality aluminum. There are no plastic or composite body or frame parts except for the large and comfortable pump handle.

The GX pump guns all come stock with an accurate ANS XE 2 Piece Barrel, the ANS inline reg, and classic ANS GX parts. They use Autococker barrel threading just like most other high end markers. These markers are compatible with Autococker parts and accessories for a near limitless upgrade path.

The ANS GX-3 Chaos Pump comes with a smooth shooting slide trigger frame and slide trigger.

The ANS GX-4 Chaos Pump Comes with a hinged trigger frame and a two finger trigger.
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