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BT Paintball guns will give you a great advantage over your competition on the field. If you grab a BT paintball gun then know that your gun will deliver optimal performance in every game and battle.

When you order your BT paintball gun from ANSgear, know that you will not be disappointed since you will get a great combination of control, accuracy and precision.

All BT guns and BT paintball products offer a full lifetime warranty. For a BT paintball gun to have a full lifetime warranty, you know they are built to last and that its a very reliable paintball gun.
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BT Delta Upgrade Kit BT Delta Upgrade Kit
Our Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $59.95
The BT paintball gun series comes in a variety of styles for every type of paintball player. No matter what level of paintball you play or what budget you have, there is a Battle Tested marker perfect for your needs.

BT Omega Paintball Gun - The BT Omega is a great low cost milsim marker loaded with features. The BT Omega is a rugged blowback marker that can take a lot of abuse. The Omega comes complete with a shoulder stock, M16 barrel and carry handle for a cool woodsball look right out of the box.

BT-4 Slice Combat Paintball Gun - The classic BT-4 Combat marker got a huge upgrade with the Slice. The BT-4 Slice is tough and reliable paintball marker that is incredibly easy to clean. The body hinges forward so you can oil and maintain the Slice without tools in mere minutes. The BT Slice has a huge upgrade path if you want to trick it out for hardcore woodsball.

BT-4 Delta Paintball Guns - The BT Delta markers are the proven BT Combat with a makeover to look like an H&K MP5 paintball gun. These markers will definitely turn heads at the field. The BT-4 Delta is complete with mock magazine, SMG barrel and sliding stock. The BT-4 Delta Elite has a mock suppressor Apex barrel, Rip Clip electronic hopper and an electronic trigger.

BT TM-15 Paintball Guns - The BT TM-15 marker is one of the best selling high end scenario paintball markers. The TM15 uses the same internals design as the Empire Mini. This makes the TM-15 shoot incredibly fast and smooth as well as achieve great gas efficiency. The TM15's cast magnesium body means this paintgun will stand up to harsh abuse. The standard BT TM-15 has a full length body and baffles in the shroud to help it shoot quieter. The BT TM-15 LE (Limited Edition) features a shortened body and the amazing Apex 2 barrel.

BT D*Fender Paintball Gun - The Battle Tested D*Fender features the first ever built in electronic hopper on a paintball marker. The BT DFender is a high end woodsball marker that has the most realistic milsim feel and low profile due to the hopper being built into the stock. The Battle Tested D*Fender also comes with a six piece barrel kit featuring an optional Apex 2 barrel tip.
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