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The BT Paintball Masks are brand new for this year and looks great. The BT Series paintball masks are designed for the serious Woodsball, Rec Ball, or Scenario paintball player. When you slip your head into the BT Paintball Mask, you will feel a sense of ease and comfort because both protective and comfortable.
The BT paintball Mask line is based off the popular Empire Avatar series of paintball masks. Using that for its basis of design, the BT Paintball masks are very low profile and and light weight. The BT masks are designed to be a very small target will still providing excellent protection.

The Frame of the BT paintball mask is semi flexible which makes it more comfortable as well as gives you higher chances of deflecting paintballs off the mask instead of breaking on the mask.

All of the BT paintball masks come stock with thermal lenses. The thermal lens of the BT mask is a must have for any serious woodsballer because it will greatly reduce chance of your goggle fogging up on the paintball field.

If you are looking for a good quality mask that will offer great protection and blend in with most terrains, check out the series of BT paintball masks today.
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