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ANSgear has the largest selection of Dye paintball guns online so you will get the exact Dye Gun of your dreams! Dye paintball markers have been The Choice Of Champions for over a decade and have helped professional teams win championship after championship.
2015 Proto Reflex Rail Dye DAM Paintball Gun Dye DSR+ Paintball Gun
The 2015 Proto Reflex Rail provides absolute high end performance at a very reasonable price. With the same Fuse Bolt Technology as in the DM series, the Reflex Rail operates at a very low 145 psi for maximum efficiency. The Reflex Rail will not disappoint with its perfect combination of performance and reliability. Pick up the new 2015 Reflex Rail if you want to take the next step and get above the competition!
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The DSR+ takes the original DSR to the next level. New features include a new body design, increased grip clearance, new Edge2 trigger, lever lock clamping feed neck, XL ASA lever, quick turn battery cover lock knob, flex bolt face, updated ARC+ bolt design, Flex SFR solenoid, stronger sticky grips, and a 4th Gen Eye Pipe. Standard features that were carried over from the DSR include a quick release bolt, MOS operating system, Freewire connectors, Gas-Thru design, UL 45 frame, Hyper 6 regulator, colored o-rings, UL TruCam Airport ASA and a Core 2 Piece barrel.

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Dye M2 Paintball Gun Dye M3+ 2.0 Paintball Gun Dye Proto Maxxed Rize Paintball Guns
Dye Rize CZR Paintball Gun Rize
Checkout the latest and most affordable paintball gun in the growing Dye Paintball lineup. The CZR is a low cost gun with great performance right out of the box for any beginner to more advanced player.

The bolt of the Dye Rize CZR is designed with new and improved Fuse technology which give this gun the feel and shot quality of the highest end tournament markers. The bolt design also lets the CZR shoot the most brittle paint so you will have more kills on the field and less ball breakage in the gun.

Other notable features on the Dye CZR are the 2 piece core barrel system, Hyper 2 regulator and Dye On/Off UL Airport ASA. If you are looking for the real deal while keeping some cash in your wallet for paintballs, then the CZR is what you are looking for.
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All new from Proto Paintball is the Proto Rize paintball gun. The Rize hosts tons of features found on many of today’s high end markers for a fraction of the cost. Based off of the Proto Rail, the Rize is a new and improved low price point paintball gun that gets the job done. On the outside of the Rize, the first thing you will notice is how nice this marker actually feels in your hand. This can be attributed to the Ultra Lite 45 frame that is both ergonomic and lightweight. The Ultra Lite achieves its weight savings by using composite material. This also helps keep the cost down and makes this gun more affordable than the competition. The 3D milled body looks great and shaves un-necessary weight off of the marker helping to keep it weighing in at less than 2 pounds! When you look inside the breach, you’ll notice that the Proto Rize has the same self-cleaning eye pipe and ball detents that can be found on the Dye M2. This helps to reduce maintenance and keep your gun shooting in tip top shape! Other internal features include a newly redesigned solenoid that is more robust and durable. The stock board features 4 firing modes that include all the current tournament settings, so you are ready to play right out of the box. It is easy to change and read modes through the use of an LED circuit board. The Hyper 3 inline regulator keeps the Proto Rize shooting at a consistent 140psi. Running at such a low operating pressure allows the gun to shoot smooth and be accurate. All of these features in a lightweight, compact design that doesn’t break the bank are just what you need to get in the game. Order yours today through!
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Dye Paintball Guns are some of the most desired and respected markers in the game. The Dye Matrix (DM) series are proven tournament winners, the result of over ten years of development and refinement. When you pick up a Dye paintball marker, you are picking up a legacy of victory.

Dye DM Series paintball guns perfected the spool valve design, creating a fast and smooth shooting experience. Dye DM guns feature precision milled and designed bodies, with rich colors or eye catching works of art through Dye's Proprietary Graphics Anodizing (PGA).

The Dye DM14 paintball gun is the most radical design of the DM series yet. The DM14 saw Dye move to a macroline free internal air system, eliminating the unsightly external airline snagging and streamlining the marker's handling. The Quick Release Magnetic Bolt degasses and releases the bolt engine in seconds, for the fastest maintenance of any Dye marker ever. The tiny Hyper4 Regulator ensures the DM14 shoots accurate and consistent, day in and day out.

Having dominated the tournament scene, Dye set their sights on the scenario woodsball world. The result was the Dye DAM, or Dye Assault Matrix. The Dye DAM marker made waves in the milsim, presenting an electronic marker that can switch between First Strike Ready mag fed or hopper fed on the fly. Military looks combine with paintball specific design to create a milsim marker that feels like the real thing, yet handles the way a paintball gun should. Check out the Dye DAM when you are ready for the ultimate woodsball gun.

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