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Refined over 12 years of paintball marker manufacturing, innovation, and experience, DYE's M2 marker is the new benchmark for performance and beauty. Based on the legendary DM series platform and meticulously re-engineered from the ground up, the new M2 boasts improvements in every component.

DYE's artisan approach to the M2 is distinctly evident from the marker's elegant contours. Sharp, aggressive lines flow seamlessly across the M2 without basic screw heads or intrusive cover plates violating the aesthetics of the marker.

But the M2's substance is more than just skin deep. Now with the introduction of the Method Operating System (MOS) and Prism Interface, DYE's software gives you a vital look into the heart of the M2. The 1 inch, full color, high resolution OLED screen helps give instant clarity into the M2's unmatched performance. Internal pressure sensors, service systems, expanded operational control, and multiple player profiles are just a few of the many new features that make the MOS the next evolution in electronic control systems.

With extraordinary performance, comfort, and unprecedented beauty, the M2 is the new definition of luxury craftsmanship in paintball markers.

DYE's revolutionary Method Operating System combined with Prism Interface is the most advanced electronic control platform in the history of paintball markers.

The M2's MOS gives the operator unparalleled access to precision tuning, vital settings, performance feedback, user personalization and maintenance service reports.

The M2 not only takes electronic marker operating systems to a new level, it also actively tracks and records information from important sub systems to help ensure your marker is consistently running at optimal performance at all times. With forty five program screens and over one million possible performance player settings, owners can customize nearly every aspect of the M2 MOS operational & playing specifications. The six additional customizable player profiles, allow you to personalize your M2 so that you are ready for any environment, any climate and any rule book.

Additionally, your M2 will continue to advance. The M2's MOS USB port allows you to upload free software updates from Dye Precision, enabling your marker to advance well into the future. New, additional program features and electronic technology performance enhancements, will be released on a regular basis.

Prism Interface
The M2's large one inch, full color, high resolution Prism OLED screen provides quick and easy access to a variety of operational systems data. The Prism screen, combined with the 5-way joystick control, offers fast intuitive navigation, through systems checks, settings adjustments, performance data and personalization features. Immediate access to all electronic information is at your finger tips.

Rechargeable Battery
Simply charge up and play. No more last minute run to the store or begging friends for a 9 volt. All you need is a power source and a standard micro USB cable to play.

ShiftPort ASA
Redesigned for the Dye M2 the ShiftPro has 25% higher air flow, and effortless on/off lever action. The Floating ASA can be shifted forward or backward to give you the best fit for any tank and any playing style. Reinforced internal components deliver long term dependable operation.

Ultralite Boomstick
.684 & .688 Barrel Backs Included
Dye Ultralight Barrel backs, allow you to quickly adapt to different paint sizes and weather conditions. With additional barrel lengths and bore sizes available, you can expand your kit to handle any variable. Lightweight and durable, Dye Ultralight Barrels have set the standard for accuracy and quality for over 20 years and continue to do so today.

Billy Wing Fuse Bolt System
The Dye M2 utilizes DYE's patented Fuse bolt spool valve design. The newly updated Billy Wing Fuse Bolt System operates at an extremely low 135psi. The optimized airflow, and improved bolt speed produces improved air efficiency, consistent accuracy, smooth bolt cycle and minimal recoil.

Lowprofile Design
The M2 has one of the lowest profiles in today's market. It's streamlined for the most competitive profile possible. With this compact profile, comes dramatic weight savings as well. The M2 weighs in, less than 1lb 10.6oz.

IPS (Internal Pressure Sensor)
The M2 is equipped with dual internal pressure sensors that monitor the Low and High pressures in the marker. Extremely accurate digital Pressure Transducers help you keep the M2 within the optimal pressure ranges. No more packing around heavy testers with bulky dial gauges. DYE's Prism Interface will confirm your pressures in seconds.

Method Operating System
Full Color Prism OLED Screen
5 Way Dye M2 Joystick
3 Training Modes
USB Port Upgradeable
128x128 Pixel Resolution
6 Player Profile Storage
3 Playing Screen Options
5 Service Alert Monitors
2 Internal Pressure Sensors
11 Operational Interface Controls
8 Performance Enhancement Settings
7 Data Recovery, Diagnostic Assist Systems
Over One Million Possible Real-World Player Performance Setting Combinations

Quick Release Bolt
The fast, easy, one touch spring loaded button allows the user to remove and re-install the bolt kit in seconds.

Low Pressure Dye M2 Regulator
The LPR is a critical component that gives the M2 its ultra-smooth and quiet function and provides precise control over bolt speed and force at an extremely low 55-65psi.

Hyper5 Regulator
Redesigned with 15% more airflow, more consistent piston movement and the fastest dis-assembly available. Standard maintenance can be completed in under a minute.

Lockdown Clamping Feedneck
The adjustable low sitting cam lock lever allows you to securely lock your R-2 Loader onto your gun without tools.

Mag-Reach Trigger
Individually customized ergonomic comfort, as well as optimal trigger speed. Externally adjustable allows you to create a personalized fit, trigger angle, travel, and magnetic return.

The M2 utilizes a 3rd gen EYE-PIPE that is 60% thicker than its predecessors. Made of polycarbonate the self-cleaning EYE-PIPE shields the anti-chop eye system from dirt and broken paint. This ensures the eyes are always monitoring the breech and ball drop.

Ultralite 45 Frame
With top pro influence and engineering, the UL 45 frame was ergonomically designed to give you complete control of the marker and a quick and effortless pull of the trigger.

Sticky Grips
M2 Ultralight Sticky Grips offer dual density material with beautiful styling, supreme comfort, control and stability, while utilizing a durable quick locking system, providing easy access, thus eliminating the potential for stripped screws.

GT Gasthru
M2 utilizes a macroline free design to improve ergonomics and durability. Switching hands in tight situations has never been quicker or easier.

Color Coordinated O-Rings
Color coded o-rings make it easy to quickly identify the correct replacement o-ring when performing maintenance on your marker.

Dye M2 USB
Download custom boot screens, update software or charge your battery in a flash. The M2 does it all through the standardized micro USB port.
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