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Dye Paintball Packs have been The Choice Of Champions for over a decade. Dye paintball harnesses were conceived by paintball players and evolved through input from the top professional teams in the game. When you put on a Dye pod pack you will feel the difference. The Dye Tactical line revolutionized what a woodsball harness or paintball vest could be, combining tournament-winning features with tough scenario style construction. No matter what style of paintball you play, we have the complete line of Dye pod packs and tactical harnesses in stock and shipping.
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Dye Attack Pack Pro Paintball Harness - The Dye Attack Pack has been a player favorite since 2005, and has evolved into the Pro model. The Dye Attack Pack Pro holds 4 pods in the secured slots and can hold up to 11 total under the compression band. The Dye Attack Pack Pro features pod ejectors for a fast draw, and the release straps retract to present a smaller target. The elastic waist band keeps this Dye pod pack snug for total mobility on the field.

Dye Assault Paintball Harness - The Dye Assault pod pack is their sleekest and lightest pack yet. The Dye Assault harness is made for the athletic paintballer who needs a pack that lets them dive, slide and contort their bodies with total freedom of movement. Available in 3+4 or 4+5, the Dye Assault harness is the choice of serious tournament professionals.

Dye Tactical Pod Pouches - Dye Tactical makes several versions of MOLLE vest pod pouches to every player's needs. Choose from the Dye Assault Pod Pouch for the fastest pod draw, Dye Locking Pod Pouches for the most secure stowage, or the Dye Insulated Pod Pouch to protect your paintballs from the elements. Available in different sizes, Dye paintball vest pouches are perfect for your tactical load out.

Dye Tactical Pod Dump Pouch - Use the Dye Dump Pouch when you don't have time to put the pod back in your harness or vest. The Dye Tactical pod dump pouch for your vest helps prevent lost pods.

Dye Tactical Admin Pouch - The Dye Admin Pouch is the perfect way to carry your scenario or tournament ID card on the field. A velcro fastened flap covers the clear window pocket for your ID, keeping it concealed yet available for immediate display to a game official. This MOLLE vest accessory also has a secure pocket for carrying personal items.

Dye Tactical Air Tank Pouch - If you want to run with a remote on the field, you got to have a way to carry that tank. The Dye Tactical Air Tank Pouch will carry a wide range of tank sizes on your MOLLE vest with cinch straps for a snug and secure fit.

Dye Tactical Clip Pouch - The Dye Clip Pouch is specially designed to carry extra Dye DAM magazines. The Dye DAM clip pouch comes in a variety of sizes and colors to match your vest and tactical requirements.

Dye Tactical Harness - The Dye Tactical Harness is the perfect load bearing system for the fast response player. The Tactical Harness distributes the weight of your field gear while retaining excellent mobility. Check out the Dye Tactical Harness for a lightweight MOLLE vest system.

Dye Tactical Alpha Paintball Vest - The Dye Alpha Vest was built for the woodsball professional carrying a huge load out. The Alpha Vest is ideal for long scenario games where a player may be on the field for hours and needs a load bearing system that is durable and comfortable. The Dye Alpha Vest is loaded with features and plentiful MOLLE loops for all Dye Tactical vest accessories.

Dye Tactical GTG Paintball Vest - GTG stands for Good To Go, and the Dye GTG vest is just that. The GTG is a pre-sewn vest with all the hot Dye vest accessories built in. The Dye GTG vest is pre-configured with 3+4 pod capacity and all the popular pouches.
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