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If you have been on the lookout for some of the best pants in paintball, then the Dye Paintball Pants shop is just right for you. Dye pants have been through many changes over the years and continue to be better pants each year.

Dye Pants have one of the largest price tags for any pants in paintball, but you usually get what you pay for. Each series of Dye paintball pants that we offer are based on the year they were produced. We have some great deals on some of the older Dye Pants right now.
Dye Team Pants
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Dye Paintball Pants led the charge in 2004 with the release of the C4 series Dye paintball pants. Their manufacturing of the C4 Dye pants has change the standards for every paintball clothing manufacturer all over the world. The precision craftsmanship of the Dye pants is second to none and you will be hard pressed to find better quality.

Each year the Dye pants some out in a variety of different colors so customers can get an entire matching outfit. Usually the Dye paintball pants are produced in a neutral black, blue, red and two other colors that vary each year.

Unique to Dye, you can purchase Dye Pants in actual KIDS sizes. Dye is the only paintball pants manufacturer to offer Kids size paintball clothing.

Dye pants have been successful over the years because they are using collaborative designing which culminates from a mix of pro athletes, designers, material pickers and a great product development team.

Dye Paintball pants are known for having some of the best knees on any pair of paintball pants. The Dye pants use a heavy ballistic nylon with flex panels. This makes sure you can easily move around the paintball field, not worry about ripping your knees and give you plenty of padding to keep your knees off the dirt and rocks. Dye Paintball pants have a very well though out design to keep you comfortable.

A lot of people are concerned with Dye pants and their weight. Well for those of you who have not had the chance to wear a pair of Dye paintball pants on the field, know that there is a ton of ventilation to keep you cool on the field.   No one wants to be too hot on the paintball field and with the Dye paintball pants, you wont have that problem.
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