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Planet Eclipse Ego LV1.5 Planet Eclipse Emek MG100 Planet Eclipse Etek 5
Check out the all new Planet Eclipse Emek MG100 Mag Fed paintball gun. After the early 2018 successful release of the Emek beginner paintball gun, we are assuming the MG100 was a no-brainer for an affordable Mag Fed gun that would be First Strike compatible. The design team at Eclipse really outdid themselves with the MG100 and really listend to all of the Magfed players to see what the most desirable features would be.
Planet Eclipse Etha LT Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Planet Eclipse Geo CS1.5
Introducing the new Planet Eclipse Etha LT paintball gun. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable paintball gun with high quality features, then look no further. The Etha LT is packed with tons of great features making it one of the best paintball guns available for any beginner to upper intermediate paintball player. Order your Etha LT today at ANSgear!
Check out the first look of the all new Planet Eclipse GEO CS1 paintball gun. Packed with tons of new features, the GEO CS1 has all of the updates you would expect from a new Planet Eclipse Marker. The air transfer tube of previous model Geo 3.1 & 3.5 has been removed and updated with a fully internal air passages.

9 Volt batteries are a thing of the past with the Geo CS1. Two AA Batteries are preparing to power up this beast of a paintball gun for more than double the life expectancy of a traditional 9v battery. New Shaft 5 barrel back and Shaft Pro Barrel front will help your Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 shoot darts all day!

More details will be released over the upcoming weeks and you can pre-order your Geo CS1 starting next week.
Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 Planet Eclipse GMek Planet Eclipse Gtek
The GMek is an all new mechanical marker from Planet Eclipse. The GMek is based off of the Gtek platform with the difference being that it's 100% mechanical and features no electronic components, such as a board or an eye sensor system. The mechanical frame features a push button safety, removable trigger shoe, and an adjustable trigger position. Unlike traditional mechanical markers, the Planet Eclipse GMek features a bolt system that is independent from the trigger. By having the trigger and bolt independent from one another, the GMek can achieve a smoother, lighter trigger pull for high rates of fire as well as all day play without getting fatigued.

Standard features that the GMek shares with the Gtek consists of a 2-Piece Shaft4/5 compatible 14.5" barrel and SL4 regulator. The 2-Piece Shaft barrel has proven itself on the field for years and is one of the most accurate barrels on the field. The SL4 regulator can also be found on the Geo 3.5 and LV1.1 Pro. With such a consistent regulator and excellent accuracy, the GMek will turn you into a true 1 ball sharp shooter.
Planet Eclipse Gtek 160R Planet Eclipse Infamous Geo CS2 Planet Eclipse EMEK

Planet Eclipse is offering an even wider variety of markers than most, with the introduction of a fully mechanical entry level gun that won't break the bank. At the heart of the EMEK paintball gun is the Gamma Core drivetrain that provides a smooth shot. The frame contains a hinge style single trigger that has a light and smooth trigger pull. Shooting the EMEK paintball gun is a ton of fun and gets beginners into the game with an unrivaled shot at this price point.

The Eclipse EMEK 100 is a mechanical paintball marker that is designed and built to survive any battle scenario. Game after game, week after week, month after month... it won’t ever let the player down. So they can focus on the most important thing - playing paintball and having fun with their buddies.

The EMEK mechanical paintball gun is based off of the Etha 2 and is made up mostly of composite materials to help keep the cost low.

  • Tough GRN construction
  • Easy to clean, maintain and use
  • Industry-leading Gamma Core bolt system
  • Built-in safety switch feature
  • EMC compatible
  • Mechanical operation - no batteries needed
Planet Eclipse Etha 2
The ETHA2 has been designed from scratch to bring a unique approach to the ETHA platform. From the way it looks, the way it feels and the way to shoots, the ETHA2 is a totally different animal and will bring a new level of performance, reliability and flexibility to this price point. We’re really proud of our latest offering and are excited to see the ETHALUTION unfold worldwide.
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Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun - HDE Earth/Black Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun - HDE Earth/Black
Our Price: $649.90
Sale Price: $399.95
BLEMISHED Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun - T-800 BLEMISHED Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun - T-800
Our Price: $774.90
Sale Price: $424.95
Planet Eclipse Gtek 160R Paintball Gun - Black/Gold Planet Eclipse Gtek 160R Paintball Gun - Black/Gold
Our Price: $795.00
Sale Price: $699.95
Planet Eclipse Gtek 160R Paintball Gun - Black/Cobalt Planet Eclipse Gtek 160R Paintball Gun - Black/Cobalt
Our Price: $795.00
Sale Price: $699.95
ANSgear is proud to carry the complete line of Planet Eclipse paintball guns. Planet Eclipse raised the bar of what paintball performance could be and continue to push the boundaries of performance. Eclipse markers are one of the most desired high end tournament markers in the world, used by professional teams at the most intense levels of competition.

Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Guns - The Planet Eclipse Etha marker proved you can have high performance without high cost. The Etha was designed to be a lower cost electropneumatic marker that could hold its own on a tournament field. The Eclipse Etha incorporates a spring return bolt system for simplicity without sacrificing a high rate of fire and consistent accuracy. Check out the Planet Eclipse Etha when you are looking to step up your marker and your game.

Planet Eclipse Etek 4 Paintball Gun - The original Planet Eclipse Etek marker was made to give the players an economical alternative to the high end and expensive Ego model. The success of the original Etek continues with the Planet Eclipse Etek 4 marker. The Etek4 is a stack tube poppet valve paintball gun like the Ego so it gets great efficiency and a great rate of fire. Not as high performance or as refined as the Ego, the Etek 4 puts planet Eclipse speed and quality into a player's hands for less than half the cost.

There are two models of the Etek4. The AM model has a full machined aluminum body, grip frame, eye covers and other parts. The LT model has an aluminum body with composite grip frame and parts.

Planet Eclipse Ego 2011 Paintball Gun - The Planet Eclipse Ego turned the tournament paintball world upside down when the original was released in 2005. Now one of the most popular and successful high end markers ever, the Planet Eclipse 2011 Ego is the pinnacle of classic Ego design. This stack tube poppet valve marker ushered in a new level of control and firepower. The 2011 Ego is a proven tournament.

We carry the full line of Planet Eclipse 2011 Ego paintball guns including all standard colors, EXCLUSIVE colors, and the Team Dynasty Private Label 2011 Ego.

Planet Eclipse Geo 3 Paintball Gun - Some players prefer a spool valve marker over a poppet valve; for those players there is the Planet Eclipse Geo 3. The Eclipse Geo 3 is the smoothest shooting marker Planet ever created. If you're looking for the smoothest shooting marker in the game, check out the Eclipse Geo 3.0.

Planet Eclipse LV1 Ego Paintball Gun - The Planet Eclipse LV1 Ego was the first radical departure from the classic Ego design. Utilizing an internal airline system and a lever actuated valve, the LV1 has taken the Ego platform to a whole new level. You will get unprecedented consistency, low recoil, and unbelievable accuracy from the LV1. If you are ready to dominate the paintball field, take a look at the LV1.

We carry all standard Planet Eclipse LV1 Ego paintball guns in every standard, private label and Dynasty LV1 Ego editions including EXCLUSIVE colors.

Planet Eclipse Geo 3.1 Paintball Gun - Planet took the success of the LV1 grip frame and adapted it to the Geo to build the Planet Eclipse Geo 3.1 marker. The Geo 3.1 is more compact than ever, with no external air lines to snag or leak. Take a look at the Geo 3.1 if you are looking for the best spool valve marker in the game.

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