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The Empire Axe Pro paintball gun has been a rumored to be a new gun release, but that is not the case. There will however be an Empire Axe Pro upgrade kit which is expected to consist of the following upgrades.

* OLED Screen - An OLED screen is a must have on a high end gun and will be included on the Empire Axe Pro.

* Finger Grove Front Grip - Now the Empire Axe Pro will have some great finger groves milled in the front grip. This is a feature that is loved by many players and helps you to keep a good grip on your gun.

* External Toggle Controls - The Empire Axe Pro can easily be setup and adjusted with a simple toggle switch that will be located right below the OLED Screen.

* Low Rise Feed Neck - Some of the test model Axe Pro guns have a low rise clamping feed neck. This may be a stock feature or an aftermarket buy.

The Empire Axe Pro upgrades are currently being tested by many of the top pro teams and does not currently have a release date. All of the information provided is based off the guns that Pro Players are testing.
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