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This is your one stop Empire Mask outlet. We stock every Empire Mask they produce and have tons of them in stock and ready to ship out today. If you want a great price and best selection, order your mask today and be comfortable on the paintball field. Empire Paintball has been around for quite some time and they make some of the best products in paintball. Their Empire Mask line is no exception and is one of the best picks.
E-Flex E-Vents EVS
The Empire E-Flex Paintball mask includes the Empire E-Vents quick change lens system, beefed up the ear pieces from the original Proflex, reshaped Proflex bottom to hug the face more and decrease the side protruding. The Empire E-Flex foam is from the Spectra so it's the most comfortable foam ever.

The bottoms of the Empire E-Flex paintball mask detach and are completely compatible with regular Flex skirts and Specta frames! This means plenty of customizing for everyone.
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Helix X-Ray
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The Empire Paintball mask is built with durability, aesthetics and safety in mind. The Empire mask is very protective and covers all of your face and chin. The lens is ASTM approved and is a thermal and fog resistant. The lens on the Empire masks is very tough and does not easily scratch. The lens and mask can take the abuse from even the toughest paintball players. The Empire mask line is very comfortable to wear and is one of the lightest masks on the market. It will keep you comfortable, cool and breathing easy with their patented venting pattern. Empire masks are designed with a unique and classy design that will keep you looking good while on the paintball field.

The Empire Mask Line all uses a quick change and secure locking lens system. This makes it very easy for you to swap out your lens or remove it from the mask for cleaning. You can have your Empire mask taken apart in less than 30 seconds which makes it very easy to change out your lens to best fit your weather conditions for the day. Overall, Empire Paintball makes a great mask that you will not be disappointed with.
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