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You are here: Home > Guns > Empire is proud to release the brand new Empire paintball gun line. Empire Paintball has been a staple in the industry for over 10 years and is finally expanding their offering with the Empire Paintball gun lineup. In a very short time, the Empire paintball guns have been taking over paintball and winning many major tournament series. The strategy that has made the Empire paintball gun successful is its reliable platform and constant input from their factory teams. When you pick up an Empire paintball gun you will notice that it has almost every feature that is currently available in paintball. You will find ANSgear EXCLUSIVE color options on Empire paintball guns that you can't get anywhere else.
Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun Empire Axe Paintball Gun Empire Axe SYX 1.5 Paintball Gun
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Empire Axe SYX Paintball Gun Empire Dfender Paintball Gun Empire Invert Mini GS TP

Empire is proud to announce SYX, the newest entry in the AXE series of markers. Based on the AXE platform but totally redesigned, this 6th generation offers a streamlined new look and features a revised engine for the ultimate in performance, ergonomics and durability.

The new clean design is both graceful and comfortable with full-wrapping rubber grips for total control and an in-grip regulator. Internals include a dual button navigation multi-function OLED board. Super easy to service with tool-less bolt removal and battery door foregrip and standard O-rings for even simpler maintenance.

Rounding out the performance is a micro-honed 2-piece aluminum barrel system with a 7.5inch control bore for peak accuracy. The SYX ticks off all the boxes where beauty, balance and technology come seamlessly together making this marker a must-have!

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Empire Resurrection Autococker Empire Sniper Pump Gun Empire Vanquish GT Paintball Gun
ANSgear is proud to introduce the new Empire Resurrection Autococker. The resurrection paintball gun is the good old classic Autococker reborn. With the best designs from WGP incorporated into the Empire Resurrection, it is a gun that all players of all levels will appreciate and love.

Notable Features Include:
+ Closed Bolt System - The closed bolt firing system of the Empire Resurrection Autococker gives it accuracy like no other gun. This unique firing mechanism ensures the bolt is all the way forward and sealed before the ball is fired from the gun. This gives the Resurrection accuracy that is second to none!
+ Slide Trigger Frame - The slide trigger frame is a signature trademark of the older Autococker guns. This short trigger pull will give you a smooth crisp shot every time.
+ Low Pressure Operation - The low pressure working of the Empire Resurrection are sure to give you great consistency over the chrono as well as a sufficient amount of shots per fill.
+ 45 Wrap Grips - The comfortable 45 wrap grip is one of the most missed pieces of paintball history. All guns in the early 2000's and before had these grips as a stock feature.
+ 6 Piece Barrel Kit - The Empire Resurrection Autococker comes with a 6 Piece barrel kit that includes an aluminum front and 5 backs (.675, .680, .685, .690, & .695)

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Check out the all new Empire Sniper Pump paintball gun. Packed with tons of great features and a price tag of only $419.95, the Empire Sniper Pump is a must have paintball gun for any serious pump player. The Empire Sniper paintball gun is built upon the foundation of the legendary Autococker design. Empire PB has created the brand new Sniper, a new tournament level pump marker with a classic name. Bud Orr created the original Sniper in 1986, listening to Rock me Amadeus on the radio and creating the legacy that became WGP. The New Empire Sniper incorporates the same DNA while adding the touches you expect from Empire. Cool styling, rugged reliability, and optimal performance. With the Empire Sniper paintball gun you can stay true to the past, but perform like the present.
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Empire Mini Paintball Gun - The Mini has become on of the most respected electronic paintball markers on the market today. Originally called the Invert Mini, this marker earned the name from its small and compact size. The Mini is a low profile target to hit while being fast and maneuverable. The biggest complaint about the Mini is that some people consider it too small.

Empire Axe Paintball Gun - The Empire Axe marker has rightly been called "the Empire Mini on steroids". The Axe is a bigger, meaner version of the Mini. The Empire Axe is built slightly larger for a more stable firing stance and uses a redesigned bolt engine that twists out from the body in seconds for cleaning and inspection. The Empire is a proven tournament winner in the hands of pros and amateurs alike.

Empire Resurrection Autococker Paintball Gun - When Empire acquired JT, one of the most respected companies in paintball history, they decided to bring back one of the most beloved markers of all time. The Empire Resurrection is the return of the classic Autococker, now loaded with features to bring the design into the modern era. The Resurrection comes with a great multi bore barrel kit as well. Check out the Empire Resurrection Autococker to play paintball Old School style.

Empire Sniper Pump Paintball Gun - Empire listened to the pump players when they released the Empire Sniper Pump marker. Built on the classic line of the original Sniper, the Empire Sniper brings modern updates to the design to make operation smoother and more versatile. A full barrel kit is included with the Empire Sniper to make it the ultimate pump marker.

Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun - Empire pulled out all the stops when they released the Empire Vanquish marker. The Empire Vanquish was built to be the most advanced tournament winner in the industry and is loaded with unique features. It is the first paintball gun to be engineered with only one screw size, so you only need one tool to tune and maintain the entire marker. The bolt engine releases in seconds from the body for cleaning, and the body hinges to access the board; the easiest to maintain high end marker ever. The incredibly high rate of fire and included accessories make the Empire Vanquish one of the most desired tournament markers in the game.
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