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ANSgear is proud to carry the entire line of Empire paintball hoppers and loaders. Empire has the right hopper for you, making paintball loaders in every size and type for every playing style and budget. Empire paintball loaders like the Prophecy series are used by professional teams competing at the highest levels of the sport. You won't find a better Empire hopper selection than us.
Empire Halo Too Empire Prophecy Empire Prophecy Z2
If you are looking for a paintball loader and want the best bang for your buck, then look no further. The Halo Too is built off the legacy HALO series loader platform and includes all of the upgrades and features that have been introduced over the years including the Freeway anti-jam kit.

Feeding over 22 balls per second, the Empire Halo Too loader is fast enough to keep up with even the most expensive and fastest shooting paintball guns on the market. If you want a great quality loader that costs a much as a case of paint, then look no further. If you want to take your Halo Too to the next level, you can even include custom color halo shell kits to change your look. The stock Empire Halo Too Loader is only available in matte black.
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The Empire Prophecy tradition continues with the release of the Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader. When you pick up the Empire Z2 loader, you will know that you have a solid and reliable product in your hands.

The Prophecy Z2 Loader continually monitors drive force, rate of fire, and it automatically clears a jam before you have a chance to miss that perfect shot. In the blink of an eye, the Empire Prophecy Z2 will have performed more proactive measures than any other loader ever created.

When you have the Empire Prophecy Z2 loader on your gun you can be certain that you have the most advanced, easiest to use feeding system ever designed. Made of super strong-reinforced composites combined with its ultra-lightweight design and low profile, the Empire Prophecy Z2 loader will supercharge every players game.
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Empire Reloader B2 Empire Rip Clip
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Empire Halo TOO Paintball Hoppers - The Empire Halo TOO loader, formerly known as the Invert Halo TOO loader, is one of the best selling electronic hoppers on the market. The Halo TOO is sound activated so the motor reacts to every individual shot. The Halo TOO is perfect for all but the fastest tournament markers.

Empire Battle Tested Rip Clip Paintball Hoppers - The Empire Rip Clip hopper is the ultimate loader for the BT series of paintball guns. The Rip Clip utilizes classic Halo sound activated technology to feed paintballs fast to your marker. The Rip Clip loader mounts on the side of your BT so you can still sight down the top of the barrel.

Empire Scion Paintball Hoppers - The Empire Scion loader was built for smooth and fast feeding. The Scion has a loading tray similar to the high end Z2 so it indexes paintballs smoothly. The Scion is great for those players who need lightning speed on a budget.

Empire Prophecy Paintball Hoppers - The Empire Prophecy Z2 loader is the peak of electric paintball hopper performance. The Prophecy Z2 allows the player to fine tune their loader for the paintballs and speed they need to shoot. The Z2 is used by top professional paintball teams all over the world who need the best equipment to compete. Check out the Empire Prophecy Z2 loader when you need a light weight, fast and easy to maintain electronic hopper.
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