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Empire All Star Empire El Tigre Empire Evil
Evil Paintball are the best quality tournament ball on the market. They have been around for over ten years and continue to be consistent even in the worst of conditions. If you really want to step your game up to the highest level, then pick up your case of Evil Paintballs today.
Empire Formula 13 Empire Heat Empire Marbalizer
Diablo Formula 13 paintballs have been in production for about 10 years and is a great brand of premium paintballs. The Diablo Formula 13 is a top performing paintball with great shells and a great thick fill.

If you are looking for a great quality paint that is not WAY over priced, at least grab a 100 round bag of the Diablo Formula 13 paintballs today.
Empire Marballizer .50 Cal Empire Polar Ice Empire Premium
If you play in cold weather then you need to be shooting Empire Polar Ice Paintballs. The special shell formulation of Empire Polar Ice Paintballs withstands colder temperatures better than standard paintballs for higher performance when the thermometer drops. We carry all colors for the best price you will find anywhere, guaranteed!
Empire Premium Paintballs are top of the line and very affordable. The Empire brand of paintballs have been produced for over 15 years so you know they have one of the best formulas on the market.
Empire Ultra Evil Paintballs
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