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The GI Milsim paintball guns are finally in stock and available for purchase. The GI Milsim paintball gun company produces a variety of 50 caliber paintball guns for both end users and fields. Check out our full selection of GI Milsim paintball guns.
When you get your hands on a GI Milsim paintball gun you will know that years of experience have gone into the thought, design and production of the gun. The GI Milsim Paintball gun company was established in 2009 with the goal of bringing the sport of paintball to everyone.

They Found that the only way to make paintball more acceptable is to produce the GI Milsim Paintball gun line which would shoot 50 caliber paintballs instead of the standard 68 cal that the industry has come to know and love.

The GI Milsim paintball gun team declares that they are the start of a new paintball revolution. With the help of the Smart Parts American design team, the GI Milsim paintball guns have been built to resemble similar Smart Parts paintball gun models.

Know that when you pickup any of the GI Milsim paintball guns, all of your expectations will be met.
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