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ANSgear is proud to carry the complete line of GoG Paintball markers. All of the people behind the GoG Paintball guns have years of paintball experience and manufacturing of paintball equipment.
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GoG Paintball delivers great shooting, easy to maintain paintball markers with features normally found only on models costing twice as much.

eNMEy - The GoG eNMEy paintball gun is their entry level model, with distinct advantages over all other markers in its class. The Gog eNMEy operates at low pressure so it doesn't 'kick' like other beginner guns so its more accurate. The eNMEy has a fast rate of fire for a marker that needs no batteries. The GoG eNMEy is a great choice for someone getting in to paintball, who wants a marker that outshoots all others in its price range.

eNVy - The GoG eNVy paintball gun is great for beginner or novice players who want a little extra firepower without spending a lot of money. The eNVy has an electronic trigger and low pressure operation that is gentle on paintballs when firing. The GOG eNVy is built off of a tried and true platform with great upgrade ability. Get the Envy if you want something reliable, affordable and effective.

G1 - The GoG G-1 paintball gun is a fully loaded scenario paintball marker right out of the box. It can be called a GoG eNVy in a milsim body. The G1 has a body with tactical rails for accessories, a collapsible stock, and much more. If you want a serious woodsball gun that shoots smooth and accurate, check out the GoG G-1. Built to last, the G1 series GoG paintball gun is great for any beginning to advanced paintball player.

eXTCY -The eXTCY line of GoG paintball guns is specifically designed for any intermediate paintball player who wants the most up-to-date technology without spending a fortune. You will notice that the GoG eXTCY has a light weight design that is very durable and can take some serious abuse on the field. The eXTCy GoG paintball gun is built to last for a long time with even the toughest and most abusive players.
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