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Guerrilla Air has been making top of the line products for some years now and has grown to become one of the biggest and well known air tank companies in the paintball world today.

Guerrilla Air Tanks are pushing the envelope to make their tanks as light and small as possible, without sacrificing quality or reliability. For example: their 68ci Tank weighs in at 2.25 pounds. That’s almost half a pound under most of the other similar size paintball tanks. For most paintballers, that’s a big deal!

Guerrilla Air tanks are no longer produced and are now produced by First Strike. Find your First Strike tanks here!
Most of the Guerrilla Air Tanks come with a 5 year warranty, D.O.T and T.C. certification stamps and a 5 year Hydrotest date. The Guerrilla Air Tanks come with all of these secured features to insure they will be safe and last you a long time.

Every Guerrilla Air Paintball Tank comes with their signature “Myth” regulator. This is by far the smallest and one of the most revolutionary paintball items on the market. Sticking out from the bottle only .75 “, the Guerrilla Air Myth Reg is a third of the size of most other paintball regulators!

The Short regulator on the Guerrilla Air Tanks puts the gun closer to your body for a more compact style that paintball players love. The Myth regulator also has a standard output pressure of about 650psi and will work with all paintball guns that run off 550 PSI or less.

There are also many Tank Accessories available to protect the bottle and prolong the life of the tank. The Three most common tank accessories for the Guerrilla Air tanks are the Thread Saver, Dust Cap and Tank Cover.

Over all, Guerrilla Air tanks are excellent products and highly recommended by us at
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