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ANSgear is the source for classic Indian Creek Designs paintball guns. ICD markers deliver great accuracy and firepower for the price. Here is your chance to own a paintball legend.
Bushmaster B2K Paintball Gun - The ICD Bushmaster B2K is a full electropneumatic marker. It operates at low pressure so it is very gentle on paintballs when shooting at high rates of fire. The bolt pulls out in seconds for easy breech cleaning. The Indian Creek Bushmaster B2K is lightweight and gas efficient.

Bushmaster BKO Paintball Gun - The ICD Bushmaster BKO is a forward air/ spring return paintball marker. A pneumatic ram moves the paintball into the breech to be fired while spring-action returns the bolt for the next shot. The BKO shoots a great rate of fire for not a lot of money. Check out the Indian Creek Bushmaster BKO if you want to outshoot your opponents on a budget.
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