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The Invert On/Off ASA is compatible with all Invert Mini, BT TM7 & BT TM15 series paintball guns. The Invert Mini On/Off ASA is very easy to install on your gun and will always make it easy to unscrew your tank from the gun.

To use the Invert Mini On/Off ASA just flip the lever down from its parallel locking position and your gun is quickly degassed so you can screw on or off your air tank. Once your bottle is ready you can lock the lever back into its parallel position to send air flow directly to the gun.
Note: The Invert Mini On/Off ASA is not to be used with any type of CO2 tank. To keep your new Invert Mini On/Off ASA and the gun in good working order you can only use a high pressure air tank or N2.
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