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Invert Pants have continued to be one of the most successful pants for paintball players across the world. The Invert Pants are very reasonably priced and are built from great quality materials.
There are two main product lines for the Invert paintball Pants. The less expensive line is the Invert Prevail series with a retail price of around $50. The Prevail series Invert Pants are made from a light weight and durable material that is great for any beginning to intermediate paintball player.

If you like the Invert pants and want to take your game to the next level, check out the LTD Series Invert Pants. The LTD Invert paintball pants are a middle of the road priced pair of pants with a price tag of about $85. The LTD pants have a lot more protection and padding as well as are made from different materials.

The LTD Invert paintball pants are going to be much more durable than the standard Prevail series pants. If you know your going to be rough on your gear or play some serious tournaments then look no further than the LTD Invert Pants.  

The Invert Pants lineup is usually a two year product line which means they don't redesign the jersey, pants or gloves each year. When a company has a two year product line like the Invert pants, you know that you will always have their latest gear and don't have to re-order each season.
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