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Page of 83 carries a full line of paintball apparel and clothing. We have all of the paintball gear you need to make you successful on the field. We can fit anyone in paintball gear from young children to adults. We even carry all of our paintball clothing and apparel in very large sizes. ANSgear, your one stop paintball shop. Paintball Clothing & Apparel. All Clothing is in stock in kids, youth, and adult sizes. Hundreds of items available and In Stock. Free shipping over 100$ full line of paintball apparel and clothing.

Paintball clothing is a very important part of keeping you both protected and safe on the paintball field. Our paintball clothing and paintball apparel selection varies in price and we guarantee to have exactly what you are looking for so you can step up your game.

Each year all of the manufactures release a new and upgraded line of paintball clothing. All of the new paintball clothing lines are usually released around the world cup of paintball tournament in October. Most of the new paintball clothing products are similar to the previous years models and sell for premium pricing. When the new line is released, you will see great deals and huge savings on all paintball clothing from the previous years.

There are three main pieces of paintball clothing which are not required, but are recommended to help you to be properly prepared to hit the paintball field. If you are on a limited budget you will need to prioritize the items that you will need in the order of importance to you and your style of play.

Paintball Pants - Pants are a vital piece of paintball clothing that provide padding, maneuverability and comfort. When you start your search for the perfect pair paintball pants you will notice the variety of prices which range from $25-$160+. The standard rule of thumb when selecting paintball clothing is the more expensive the item, the more padding and protection you will have.

Please be aware that the pricing reflected below is for current year paintball clothing. You will be able to find the same paintball clothing from previous years on sale for even better prices.

Basic - As we go through the paintball pants section, you will start off by looking at the least expensive option which are the BDU Pants. The BDUs are military issued clothing which is very durable, doesn't breathe well as paintball pants, and has double re-inforced knees. BDUs are a great option for any paintball player on a budget that is interested in recreational, woodsball or scenario paintball.

Beginner - One step above the BDU pants you will find a great assortment of paintball clothing from current years which ranges between $40 and $60. The BT Freedom and Valken V-Tac Echo clothing is a reasonably priced pair of paintball pants for the scenario and woodsball players. If you are looking for a more universal pair of pants to work well with any type of paintball then check out the Valken Fate pants.

The $40-$60 pants will come stock with an adjustable waist and very basic padding. For the price range on these pants, the knees will be re-inforced and will stand up to the abuse of a recreational paintball player. These are most commonly purchased for younger paintball players who are not usually too rough on their paintball clothing.

Intermediate - If you are looking for your next step up of paintball clothing then you will be in the intermediate paintball pants which retail for $80-$100. The most common brands of intermediate tournament and speedball pants include Empire Prevail Pants, GI Sportz Herald Pants and Valken Crusade Pants. If you are looking for some camouflage pants for woodsball then check out the BT Combat pants and Valken V-TAC Sierra pants.

When you grab an intermediate pair of paintball pants in your hand you will first notice the weight difference between them and the beginner pants. The intermediate paintball pants will be nearly double the weight and will have three times the amount of padding and protection. These paintball pants usually have Kevlar re-inforced knee protection that is very thick and durable, crotch pads/protection as well as lower back and hip pads. The intermediate pants are made from more durable materials and usually have zipper pockets and other special features such as a place to hold squeegees and ties at the bottom to keep the cuffs from dragging.

Advanced - When you want nothing but the best paintball clothing, check out our top of the line paintball pants. The Advanced paintball pants retail for $100 and up. The main tournament/professional series paintball pants include Empire Contact and LTD pants, Dye C series pants, Planet Eclipse Pants, HK Army Hardline pants and the Valken Redemption series. If you want an advanced pair of paintball pants in camo patterns and features specifically for the tactical game play of scenario and woodsball then check out the BT Professional pants or Valken Zulu pants.

The more advanced paintball clothing is built from the highest quality and most durable materials. They are heavy duty pants with padding built throughout the pants as well as venting to keep you cool on the field. You will find a ton of great features on the advanced paintball pants which include heavy duty knee pads and unique patterns and colors.

Paintball Gloves - The next important piece of paintball clothing is a good pair of paintball gloves. Paintball gloves are important since most paintball games includes crawling and maneuvering low to the ground. A lot of the terrain can be pretty rough so it is a good idea to keep your hands protected. Also, most paintball players lead into battle with their gun and if that is the first thing a competitor sees, it is usually the first thing they will shoot. This makes your hands one of the most commonly shot places on the body.

Paintball gloves range in cost anywhere between $10 and $50. A good pair of paintball gloves will have good and flexible padding on the outside hand of the glove with a nice soft leather palm area for you to grip onto your gun.

When choosing this piece of paintball clothing you will need to decide how much protection you will need. As you research all of the different paintball gloves you will notice that some have full finger protection, some finger protection or no finger protection. When you decrease the protection of the glove, you will be able to better feel the trigger therefore shooting faster. Also, the gloves with no or partial finger protection breathe much better than the full finger enclosed gloves.

Paintball Jerseys - Jerseys tend to be the one piece of paintball clothing that people choose for looks and style as opposed to functionality. Most of the paintball jerseys vary in materials but have a similar pricing structure to the paintball pants. The more expensive paintball jerseys will have more extensive padding as well as be made of thicker and more durable materials.

Most paintball teams want all of their paintball clothing to match so if you are on a team, choose your colors and brands before you make a big paintball clothing purchase. Paintball jerseys come in a variety of colors which include neutral colors for players who want to stand out and more vibrant colors for players who want to be noticed on the field.

Overall, choose the paintball clothing that is in your price range and suits your needs and style of play!

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