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1 Foot of Macroline - Black 1 Foot of Macroline - Black
Our Price: $1.49

Empire Nano Dovetail Rail - Black (39125) Empire Nano Dovetail Rail - Black (39125)
Our Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $7.95

Shocktech Tippmann A5 Drop Forward w/ ASA - Silver Shocktech Tippmann A5 Drop Forward w/ ASA - Silver
Our Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $14.95
Dye Slap On/Off ASA - Cobalt Dye Slap On/Off ASA - Cobalt
Our Price: $89.95

Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R POPS ASA Kit - Dust Black Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R POPS ASA Kit - Dust Black
Our Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $39.95

Straight Macroline Fitting Straight Macroline Fitting
Our Price: $3.99

Paintball Hoses & Fittings - We stock a huge selection of hoses and fittings to suit whatever application you have in mind. No matter what kind of paintball gun you shoot, we have what you need to get the air from your tank into your gun. Stainless Steel Paintball Hose is popular with players using CO2 or who want a durable static air line. Macroline Hose & Fittings are popular with players who need to disconnect their air lines often for maintenance. Paintball Airline Fittings are available for whichever way you need to connect pressure to your marker. Thread Sealant is necessary for attaching your fittings without air leaks.

Paintball ASAs - We offer the largest selection of Paintball ASAs (Air Source Adapters) in the industry. No matter what marker you have you can find the right ASA you're looking for at ANSgear. A basic ASA or duckbill ASA is perfect for players who want to keep their gear lightweight and simple. For a bit more money you can get an On/ Off ASA. These add the convenience of being able to turn off the pressure from the tank to the marker. High end ASAs not only have an On/ Off but also a purge or bleed feature. When you turn the incoming air from the tank off it also bleeds the pressure from the airline. This makes it much quicker to remove your air tank and saves O-rings from getting blown out. On-Off ASAs come in either push button, thumb wheel, or slide styles.

Paintball Rails - The ASA attaches to your marker via a Paintball Rail. The rail bolts to the bottom of your grip frame and most let you adjust where the ASA sits for length. ANSgear has the biggest selection of paintball rails to choose from so you can find what you need in the configuration and color to suit your marker.

Paintball Drop Forward - A Paintball Drop Forward moves your tank down and forward to help with the length and balance of your paintball marker with the air tank attached. HPA tanks used to be very large so drop forwards were created to accommodate them, though they made the marker very tall. As air tanks became smaller most tournament players moved to rails so the marker was more compact. However, drop forwards are still very popular for youth players or those with smaller stature and shorter arms. They help shorten the overall length and balance a marker with a heavy air tank. ANSgear has a huge selection of Paintball Drop Forwards to choose from, so you can find the perfect style, length and color.
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