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ANSgear has all of the newest and best paintball gun and gear bags on the market. The gear bags we carry are all in stock and ready to ship out today. We have hundreds of different paintball gun and paintball gear bags made specifically for paintball. We offer Free shipping on all paintball gun and paintball gear bags order totals over $100. Check out our full selection from over 20 manufacturers including industry leaders such as Dye paintball bags, Empire paintball bags, HK Army paintball bags, NXe paintball bags, and Planet Eclipse paintball bags. Protect, organize, and keep all of your paintball gear safe.
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Paintball Gear Bags and Paintball backpacks are a must have for the serious paintball player. We recommend a paintball backpack if you just want to keep your marker and tank protected. If you want to safely and securely store all of your paintball gear we would recommend our selection of paintball gear bags. This way when you show up at the field, you will know you have everything right where you need it inside your bag. Paintball gear bags have a lot of built in and unique compartments to organize and keep all your paintball gear safe.

The Paintball Backpacks tend to have special areas for paintball gun and tank storage. They also include a lot of small compartments to hold all of your small parts. The paintball gear bags are obviously much larger and usually have compartments for things like your gun, tank, mask, dirty clothes, paint, pod holders ect.. Due to the size and weight of the paintball gear bags, they usually have durable roller wheels so you will not have to carry it. The paintball gear bags are designed with durability in mind, knowing how tough a paintball payer is on their gear.

If you need your paintball gear bag in a rush, be sure to note that the expedited shipping will be expensive. Due to both the size and weight of our paintball gear bags, all carriers will have extra fees and increased shipping costs. We recommend using the free shipping over $100 to make your paintball gear bag an affordable purchase.

The price of a paintball gear bag range from $80 for a small bag all the way up to $250+ for a huge paintball gear bag with every feature imaginable. The majority of paintball gear bags are priced in the $140-$160 range. When you are purchasing a paintball gear bag in that price range, know that you will get great quality and a ton of useful features.

Below is a list of some Featured Paintball Gear Bag manufacturers.

Dye Paintball Gear Bags - Dye bags are known for being great quality and some of the most expensive paintball gear bags on the market. Dye products are always top quality and are known for being the creme of the crop.

Empire Paintball Gear Bags - The Empire series paintball gear bag was one of the first large gear bags in paintball. Over they years, they have added more colors and sizes. Empire realizes that there is not one particular size paintball gear bag that is right for everyone so they give you a ton of great options.

NXe Paintball Gear Bags - NXe was started their paintball company producing great quality harnesses and paintball gear bags. NXe built a great gear bag from the start and has made small improvements and adjustments to the bag over the past 10 years. Check out the NXe Series paintball gear bags and get a great bag for a good price.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Gear Bags - If you want one of the trendy and practical paintball gear bags then check out the Eclipse series. The Eclipse paintball gear bag is re-designed each year for the changing needs of paintball players. Their paintball gear bag is usually available in 4-6 different styles and 4 or 5 colors per style. The Eclipse bag will give you plenty of options so you can get the right paintball gear bag to suit your needs.

HK Army Gear Bags - The HK Army line are great paintball gear bags with plenty of compartments and dividers. With the HK gear bag, your paintball equipment will be better organized than you ever though possible. HK Army bags are built by tournament players so you know the entire design is built with hauling everything you need for a tournament weekend.

Sly Paintball Gear Bags - The Sly Paintball gear bag was released during the 2010 paintball season and is one of the best bags on the market. When you pickup the Sly bag you will quickly notice that it is one of the lightest large paintball gear bags. This is a very high quality bag that is durable and will withstand the test of time. You wont be disappointed with the Sly paintball gear bag.

Valken Paintball Gear Bags - Valken gear bags come in several sizes to fit everyone's needs. Valken paintball duffle bags and rolling gear bags are built to be abused at the field so your gear stays safe and secure. Check out Valken gear bags for quality and features that fits in your budget.

Below is a featured list of Paintball Backpack Manufacturers

BT Paintball Backpacks - The BT paintball backpack is very well designed and is specifically built for scenario players. The BT backpack is light weight making it the Ideal paintball backpack for anyone who has to carry their gear for a long haul. It has external MOLLE webbing so you can attach auxiliary pouches.

Dye Paintball Backpacks - Anything made from Dye is quality, and Dye backpacks are no different. Their construction and features are second to none in paintball. Dye backpacks are incredibly comfortable when you need to haul a heavy load of gear on your back.

Empire Paintball Backpacks - Every 2 years we get a new version of the Empire paintball backpack. This was one of the first paintball backpacks that was actually designed for paintball. Most of the paintball backpacks before this were common school type backpacks with paintball logos. This is a very good and reliable paintball backpack for one set of paintball gear.

NXe Paintball Backpacks - NXe is a high quality manufacturer of both paintball gear bags and paintball backpacks. Their quality and design lift the NXe series paintball backpack to the top of its class. Once you get this backpack in your hands, you will know you made a great choice.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Backpacks - If you are looking for a great paintball backpack for either school or the field then check out the Eclipse lineup. Each year the Eclipse paintball backpacks are the most trendy and stylish backpack from any of the manufacturers. Stay tuned each year because they will release a whole new lineup of paintball backpacks.

Valken Paintball Backpacks - Valken makes backpacks for paintball, school, work and home. Valken backpacks are great function and style at an affordable price. There is a Valken backpack for anyone's needs.

We hope that by providing you with this information about the most popular paintball backpacks and paintball gear bags, your decision to pick the right one will be made easier. If you are making the purchase of a paintball gear bag as a gift and are not 100% sure as to the one that will best suit their needs; then check out our gift certificate options.
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