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BT Empire Enola Gaye
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Empire Paintball has been making some of the best paintball gloves on the market. Over the years, Empire paintball gloves continue to reinvent themselves and cater to all types of paintball players. At this time, Empire Paintball gloves come in three main styles each year. The Empire Freedom Paintball gloves are a very affordable set of cut finger gloves. This allows you to get a good grip on your gun and a good feel for your trigger. The Empire Freedom gloves are most commonly used by tournament paintballers.

The Middle line of Empire paintball gloves are the Empire Contact Gloves. These are full finger gloves with great padding and durable materials. The palms and fingers of the Empire contact gloves use reinforced Kevlar to keep you protected at all times. The gloves are all jointed so you can easily move and bend your fingers.

The pride and joy of the Empire Paintball Glove line are the LTD series gloves. The Empire Contact LTD gloves are very similar to the standard Contact gloves. The bid difference is that two of the fingers on the gloves have been removed so your hands will still be protected while you can get a good grip on your trigger.

Choose the pair of Empire Paintball Gloves that best suite your needs.
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Exalt HK Army JT
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Magpul Gloves Mechanix Planet Eclipse
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Stryker Tippmann Paintball Gloves Valken Paintball Gloves
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Valken paintball gloves are a great set of new gloves to hit the paintball market. The Valken gloves have been in the design process for the last few years and are manufactured by some of the top paintball players and designers in the world. Valken gloves are very durable and are taking over the paintball industry one hand at a time.

There are currently two types of Valken Paintball gloves for you to choose from. First we have Valken full finger gloves which give you full hand protection and will keep you padded all around. The second type of Valken gloves are the two finger gloves. The Two finger Valken gloves have the two trigger fingers nicely cut off the gloves. This lets you get a better feel of the trigger so you can get higher rates of fire. These gloves still have a ton of great padding but are specifically designed for the serious tournament paintball player.
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Warrior Paintball Gloves
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Planet Eclipse G4 Full-Finger Paintball Gloves - HDE Planet Eclipse G4 Full-Finger Paintball Gloves - HDE
Our Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $24.95

HK Army HSTL Paintball Gloves - Black HK Army HSTL Paintball Gloves - Black
Our Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $14.95

Planet Eclipse Snap Paintball Gloves - Black Planet Eclipse Snap Paintball Gloves - Black
Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $5.95

Planet Eclipse Distortion Paintball Gloves - Black Planet Eclipse Distortion Paintball Gloves - Black
Our Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $14.95

Stryker Full Finger Tournament Gloves Stryker Full Finger Tournament Gloves
Our Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $2.95
Paintball Gloves In stock.  We Carry a full line of paintball gloves such as Empire Paintball Gloves, Dye Paintball Gloves, Invert Paintball Gloves, Proto Paintball Gloves, Planet Eclipse Paintball Gloves and many more.  ANSgear is a great place for all of your paintball gloves and gear.  Free shipping on all paintball orders over 100$ and All of our paintball gear is in stock and ready to ship.

Paintball gloves are a necessity when playing paintball.  Since you are always holding your gun in your hands, always crawling on the ground or leading into battle with your hands, it is very important to keep them protected.  Paintball Gloves will keep your hands safe when playing paintball.  When you are shooting your gun, you lead with your hands.  This means that most of the time, you will be getting shot in either your gun, mask or hands.  Paintball gloves will keep your unprotected hands safe from getting shot.  The gloves break the impact of the paintball and keep the hard gelatin paintball shell from cutting your hands.  

When aggressively playing paintball, you will be on your hands a knees quite a bit.  Most paintball fields are comprised of hard dirt, rocks and sharp debris.  This is where paintball gloves come into play once again.  You want  you protect your hands with paintball gloves because they are a vital part of your every day.  Whether you have work or school the next day, you want to be presentable and not in pain.  The small investment in paintball gloves now, will pay off in the future.
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