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All products in this category are discontinued and will never be back in stock.   We keep them here to give you a little bit of history on the past products of paintball.  Please do not order any of the items from the paintball graveyard as you will never receive the product.
Angel Paintball Masks ANS Fill Nipple Covers Boards
Bolts Bolts Breech Kits
BT Paintball Masks CO2 Critical Triggers
Crossfire Tank Regulators DerDer Detent Kits (Upgraded)
Donuts Firing Cans Game Timers
HK Army Tank Regulators Impulse Threaded Breech Kits Invert 20/20 Mask
Invert Avatar Mask JT Paintball Tanks Nerve
New Designz Triggers PMI Tank Regulators Raven
Redz Triggers Save Phace Paintball Masks Scott Paintball Masks
Seventh Element Tank Regulators Smart Parts Tank Regulators Smart Parts Tank Regulators
SP1 SP8 Trinity Triggers
Valves Vantage Vantage
Vibe Vidar Violent Series Triggers
Virtue Prophecy Crown 2 Warrior Fill Nipple Covers X-Ray
Diablo Extreme Rage Gi Sportz Pulse RDR Loader
The new GI Sportz Pulse RDR Loader is in stock and shipping right now! GI Sportz is introducing new technology into the electronic paintball hopper market, including the first ever built-in chronograph on a paintball hopper. Get a GI Sportz Pulse loader and play with the most cutting edge features in the game.
Halo Halo B Halo B w/ Rip Drive
Hard Corps Torque NXE JRNY Paintball Graveyard Bags & Backpacks
Paintball Graveyard Barrels Paintball Graveyard Clothing & Apparel Paintball Graveyard Drop Forwards, Rails, ASAs & Fittings
Paintball Graveyard DVDs Paintball Graveyard General Marker Accessories Paintball Graveyard Gun & Gear Packages
Paintball Graveyard Gun Accessories & Upgrades Paintball Graveyard Guns Paintball Graveyard Hoppers & Accessories
Paintball Graveyard Masks/Goggles Paintball Graveyard Pads & Protection Paintball Graveyard Paintballs
Paintball Graveyard Pod Packs & Pods Paintball Graveyard Tanks & Tank Accessories RAP4
Tacamo TechT Viewloader
Bubble Gum Coconut Covers
DXS Pulse Dye Rotor Electronics Dye Rotor Loader Shields
Empire Magna Covers Empire Overdrive Empire Reloader Covers & Cases
Empire Reloader Loader Shields Empire Scion Evolution Shell Kits
Check out the all new Empire Scion Paintball Loader. Packed with tons of great features and an affordable price tag, the Empire Scion Loader is a great buy for any serious paintball player.

You make think the Empire Scion is just another Halo series loader but that would be wrong. The new drive cone from the successful Empire Z2 loader will give you consistent feeding, self monitoring drive speed and saves your battery life. If you ever worry about you loader jamming then the Empire Scion Loader will come to your rescue with its auto jam clearance technology. Check out the rest of the Empire Scion features by clicking on the product pages below.
Evolution Spare Parts Halo Covers & Cases Halo Loader Shields
Hard Corps Torque Hybrid Paintball Back Plates Hybrid Paintball Back Plates
Hybrid Paintball Back Plates Invert Too Covers & Cases Invert Too Loader Shields
Loader Shields Orange Cream Peppermint
Prophecy Boards Root Beer Stock Halo Back Plates
Upgrade Kits Virtue Paintball Back Plates Virtue Paintball Back Plates
Virtue Paintball Back Plates Watermelon Dye C4 Pants
Dye C4 Jerseys Dye C8 Jerseys Dye C9 Jerseys
Dye Polar Winter Jerseys 2005 2005/2006
2007 Eclipse Pants 2007 Planet Eclipse Jersey 2007/2008
2008 2008 Eclipse Pants 2008 Planet Eclipse Jersey
2008 Proto Jersey 2009 2009
2009 Eclipse Pants 2009 Planet Eclipse Jersey 2009 Proto Jersey
2009 Proto Paintball Pants 2010 2010
2010 Eclipse Pants 2010 Planet Eclipse Jersey 2010 Planet Eclipse Pants
The 2010 Eclipse Distortion jersey is made from great quality lightweight and breathable material which will keep you nice and cool on the paintball field. The 2010 Jersey has very protective foam padding built into the chest, shoulders and forearms of the jersey for increased protection.

On the inside of the 2010 Eclipse jersey, there is a built in micro fiber cloth which is always good to wipe down the lens of your mask without creating any scratches. The 2010 Eclipse jersey has a low profile neck line which makes the jersey more comfortable and easier to take on and off.

Year after year, Planet Eclipse continues to innovate their product line and make some of the most useful gear on the market. The 2010 Eclipse Jersey is no exception.
2010 Proto Rail PMR 2011 2011
2011 2011 Planet Eclipse Jersey 2011 Proto Reflex Rail
2012 Planet Eclipse Jersey 2012 Proto Reflex Rail 2013
2013 2013 Proto Reflex Rail 32 Degrees
32 Degrees 98 ACT RT Complete Marker Kits Alien
32 Degrees Paintball Guns are a great entry level marker. Their blowback design and operation is easy to maintain and reliable. Check out the selection of 32 Degrees paintball markers if you want to get out on the field without spending a lot of money.
All American Angel Angel
Angel Angel Angel
Angel Angel AR:K Angel SB
Angel Sports Angel T-Shirts ANS
ANS T-Shirts APX Agro APX Agro Pro
Armor Skins ASAs Assault
Azodin Azodin Azodin Kaos Deluxe
Azodin Zenith Blitz Bloodline Industries
Bnkr Kings Boats & Hoes Bob Long
Boots Brass Eagle Brass Eagle
BT Pistols Bubble Gum Scented Bunker King Sweatshirts
Bunker King T-Shirts Cameras Captain O-Ring T-Shirts
Carver One Carver One Carver One
CCM CMI Coconut Scented
Complete Proto 2 Pc Barrels Contract Killer Contract Killer
Contract Killer Contract Killer Contract Killer Sweatshirts
Coveralls Dangerous Power Dangerous Power G3 Spec R
Show your loyalty to your favorite brand! ANSgear is proud to carry all Dangerous Power Paintball Hats and Apparel. These high quality comfortable hats let the world know you are a paintballer off the field. Get your DP hats today... Lowest Price and Ready To Ship!
Dangerous Power Rev-i Dangerous Power T-Shirts Deathstix Barrel Backs
Deathstix Barrel Case Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrels Derder
Derder Derder T-Shirts Diablo
Diablo Diablo Diablo Heat
Direct Mount w On/Off DLX Luxe 1.5 Paintball Gun DLX Luxe 2.0 Special Edition
Draxxus Draxxus Draxxus
Draxxus DXS Basic Training DXS Basic Training 100 Round Bags
DXS Basic Training Paintballs are the most affordable paintballs in stock. If you are looking for a cheap paintball, that shoots through any paintball gun then these are for you. We have the DXS Basic Training paintballs available in quantities as few as 100 rounds for only a couple bucks.
DXS Basic Training 500 Round Bags DXS Basic Training Full Case DXS Basic Training Half Case
DXS Blaze DXS Gold DXS Sweatshirts
DXS Triumph Dye Dye C10 Jerseys
Dye C10 Pants Dye C11 Jerseys Dye C11 Pants
Dye C12 Jerseys Dye C12 Pants Dye C13 Pants
Dye C9 Jerseys Dye C9 Pants Dye Casual Pants
Dye CG DYE DM10 Guns DYE DM11 Guns
DYE DM12 Guns Dye DM13 Paintball Gun Dye Meta Gloves
DYE NT10 Guns DYE NT11 Guns Dye Polar Winter Jerseys
Eggplant Bodies Empire Empire
Empire Empire Bullets Empire ER3 Paintball Gun
Empire Hotbox Empire Munitions Empire Ramp
Empire Trracer Paintball Gun Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun Envy Paintball Gun
Order Your Empire Vanquish Today!

Here are some of the key features of the new Empire Vanquish:
+ Pressure Balanced Spool Valve Engine - This gives the Empire Vanquish an extremely smooth shot. With very little kick from each shot, you will have ball on ball accuracy
+ Temperature controlled precision pressure control - No more fussing with gauges. Now you can easily see the air pressure of your paintball gun with an electronic reading.
+ Spring Assisted Bolt - If you want to shoot the most brittle paint then the spring assisted bolt is a key feature for you. This makes the Empire Vanquish softer on paint than most other guns on the market.
+ Widescreen OLED - The Super Bright contrast makes your OLED screen easy to read on the field or even in direct sunlight. Adjust your gun easier than you ever thought possible.
+ 5-way Joystick - The easy to use joystick makes scrolling through all the Empire Vanquish settings a snap. You can easily change settings on the fly with this great design.
+ Push Button Bolt Removal - The push button bolt makes maintenance on the Vanquish a easier than you ever thought possible. In just a matter of seconds, you can have the complete bolt & engine removed from the gun for maintenance.
Evil T-Shirts Exalt Exalt
Exalt Sweatshirts Extreme Rage Extreme Rage
Fightco MMA T-Shirts Fronts Full Clip
Full Clip G6R Gen X Global
GI Milsim GI Milsim GI Milsim
GI Sportz Goblin Guerrilla Air
When you want to look pro, you want GI Sportz Paintball Jerseys. GI Sportz jerseys are worn by serious players the world over who want durable paintball wear. GI's bold, dye-sublimated graphics make sure you are noticed while strategic mesh venting zones keep you running cool in the heat. Choose ANSgear for all your GI Sportz Paintball Jerseys and Playing Apparel needs... Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping, Guaranteed!
Hardline Hater Hater
Hater Sweatshirts Hybrid Hydro
Inline Inspire Invert
Inspire Paintball is a newer paintball gun manufacturing company that makes high quality scenario/woodsball type paintball guns at very reasonable prices. The Inspire paintball guns are very similar to the Dangerous Power G3 internals and the guns work great.
Invert Invert Invert
Invert Invert Invert
Invert T-Shirts J&J J&J
Java T-Shirts JT JT
JT JT JT Advantage
JT Competition JT Elite JT Engage
Step up to higher performance with JT Elite Paintballs! JT Elite paint is manufactured to give you superior accuracy feeding while still costing less than other premium brands. Expect bright marking fill and enhanced breakage on target with Elite Paintballs. Trust ANSgear as your source for fresh JT paintballs, In Stock and Lowest Price Guaranteed!
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