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Paintball grenades are a fun way to add a different twist to your paintball game. Paint grenades are made when paint is injected into a surgical tube and capped off at the end. When the grenade is thrown. When the paintball grenade hits the ground, it pops off the rubber band and sprays the pant in a circle from the point of impact.
Most of the paintball grenades have a radius of about 30 feet from impact and are able to cover quite a bit of ground. In most cases, if a quarter size drop of paint lands on the player, they are then ruled out of the game.

Paintball grenades are most commonly used on large scenario fields or in tactical paintball games. They work great for getting players out that are hiding behind bunkers or in places where players have no overhead cover. Just make sure your grenade hits within 30 feed of the player.

Paintball grenades are not allowed at all paintball fields so we recommend checking with your field before you take it into a game
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