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Paintball grenades are a great addition to the gear carried for scenario paintball players. Many of the large scenario paintball games include specific strategies for using the paintball grenades to eliminate large or unique enemies.
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There are a few major manufacturers of Paintball Grenades.

BT Paintball Grenades - The BT paintball grenade comes in two different sizes; the M8 and M12 series. The M8 series BT Paintball grenade is small and easily can fit into any type of paintball pocket. They are the paint grenade choice for anyone looking to eliminate an opponent from at mid to close range.

If you need some heavy duty firepower in paintball grenade strength, check out the BT M12 series. With almost double the paint of the BT M8 grenade, this lethal weapon can eliminate multiple players in a large area.

Big Boy Paintball Grenades - The Big Boy paintball grenades were some of the best quality grenades in paintball and have not always been owned by Tippmann Paintball. The paintball grenade company was acquired by Tippmann when they realized they wanted to own and corner the grenade market.

The Big Boy paintball grenades pack a ton of punch and its bright colored paint is sure to easily mark your opponent.

Tippmann Pod Rocket Paintball Grenades - The pod rocket paintball grenades are very small and great for a close quarter battle. They are the smallest paintball grenades out there, but great to use when clearing a room or small area. They also are the only paintball grenades that will fit in a paintball pod... Hence the NAME, Pod Rockets.
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