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.50 Caliber Paintball Guns Azodin Bob Long
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BT D3FY Sports Dangerous Power
BT Paintball guns will give you a great advantage over your competition on the field. If you grab a BT paintball gun then know that your gun will deliver optimal performance in every game and battle.

When you order your BT paintball gun from ANSgear, know that you will not be disappointed since you will get a great combination of control, accuracy and precision.

All BT guns and BT paintball products offer a full lifetime warranty. For a BT paintball gun to have a full lifetime warranty, you know they are built to last and that its a very reliable paintball gun.
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D3fy Sports is the newest marker company in the paintball industry. Their first release, the D3fy D3S, is a spool valve marker and packs a ton of features into its design for the money. Check out the D3fy paintball marker lineup for the latest marker out on the field.

The D3fy D3S operates at 150-160 psi to be incredibly gentle when shooting fragile paint. The D3fy bolt engine and regulator are all one piece for quicker and easier maintenance. The internal airline means no macroline hose to snag or leak. The no rise feed neck combines with the marker's compact size and shape for the smallest target profile possible.
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Diablo DLX Luxe Paintball Gun DYE
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ANSgear has the largest selection of Dye paintball guns online so you will get the exact Dye Gun of your dreams! Dye paintball markers have been The Choice Of Champions for over a decade and have helped professional teams win championship after championship.
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Empire Engraved Paintball Guns Field One is proud to release the brand new Empire paintball gun line. Empire Paintball has been a staple in the industry for over 10 years and is finally expanding their offering with the Empire Paintball gun lineup. In a very short time, the Empire paintball guns have been taking over paintball and winning many major tournament series. The strategy that has made the Empire paintball gun successful is its reliable platform and constant input from their factory teams. When you pick up an Empire paintball gun you will notice that it has almost every feature that is currently available in paintball. You will find ANSgear EXCLUSIVE color options on Empire paintball guns that you can't get anywhere else.
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These paintball guns are all custom Engraved. There is only one of each made. more info
First Strike GI Sportz GOG Paintball
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HK Army Inception Designs Paintball Guns JT
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JT Splatmaster Kingman Mag Fed Paintball Guns
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ANSgear is proud to stock the full Spyder Paintball Gun lineup at the best pricing online. Choose today from the .43 caliber Kingman Training, Kingman .50 Caliber, or the standard .68 Caliber Spyder paintball guns that everyone has grown to love and trust. more info
When you are ready to play hardcore milsim paintball, then you are ready for a Mag Fed Paintball Gun. Playing with magazine fed markers is the fastest growing style of paintball as tactical players look for that extra bit of realism and challenge of limited ammo capacity. is your source for all mag fed paintball markers and accessories from all the top manufacturers such as Tiberius Arms, Tippmann, Kingman, Dye and more. more info
PCS PepperBall Piranha Paintball Gun
Pistols Planet Eclipse Proto
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SP Paintball T4E Tiberius Arms
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Tippmann US Army Valken
Tippmann paintball guns have been some of the most durable, rugged and affordable paintball guns since the beginning. Based off of their tried and true blowback platform, Tippmann has a paintball gun that is great for any beginning, intermediate or advanced paintball player. more info
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First Strike Roscoe .50 Caliber Paintball Revolver - Black First Strike Roscoe .50 Caliber Paintball Revolver - Black
Our Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $129.95

JT Splatmaster .50 Cal Z18 Shotgun Duel Kit JT Splatmaster .50 Cal Z18 Rifle Duel Kit - Green
Our Price: $209.75
Sale Price: $189.95

Paintball and Paintball guns have been around for over 30 years. Paintball guns started as marking devices for the forestry service to identify trees to cut or ranchers to mark specific cows. As their purpose began to change, so did the innovation behind them. Paintball guns started as something very basic and consisted of a crude metal handle with a barrel. The original paintball guns were pump action and shot very hard paintballs. As the sport of paintball evolved, major paintball companies began to make guns specifically for the sport.

Now there are hundreds of paintball equipment companies which produce an array of products for the sport. The most crucial piece of equipment is your paintball gun so you will find that the majority of innovation for the sport takes place in this category.

Paintball Gun Manufacturers & Price Points - Below is an inclusive list of all major paintball gun manufacturers. Read about each of the following paintball gun manufacturers so you will have an easier time picking the right paintball gun for you.

Low Price Paintball Gun Classification - Under $249.95
Mid Price Paintball Gun Classification - Between $250-599.95
High Price Paintball Gun Classification - Over $600

Azodin Paintball Guns - You will find a LOW & MID price paintball gun selection
If you are looking for a reasonably priced paintball gun with great performance then check out thi9s company. The Azodin paintball gun company brings great quality paintball guns to the market for an affordable price. When most companies try to come into the low price paintball gun market, they sacrifice quality and manufacture a sub-par product. Azodin paintball guns are great for any beginning to intermediate paintball player.

Bob Long Paintball Guns - You will find a MID & HIGH price paintball gun selection
If you have been shopping around and want a top of the line tournament or scenario paintball gun then check out everything from BL. Bob Long paintball guns have been in production since the early 2000s. The classic Bob Long Intimidator series raised the bar for tournament performance. Bob Long paintball guns have diversified over the years and are now available in many different models.This is a great paintball gun to purchase if you are serious about paintball and want to step up your game.

BT Paintball Guns - You will find a LOW to HIGH price paintball gun selection
If you are looking for a serious scenario or woodsball paintball gun then a BT gun may be just what you are looking for. The basic BT paintball guns start retailing at just under $100 and have a model for every playing level and style. You will see that there are a variety of different features available on the BT Paintball guns which include Electronic frames, Apex barrels and additional mounting accessories. The BT D*Fender was the first paintball gun to have an electronic loader built into the stock.

Dangerous Power Paintball Guns - You will find a MID & HIGH price paintball gun selection
The Dangerous Power paintball guns start under $300 and are built to the sames standards as many of the $1000+ paintball guns. Dangerous Power paintball guns are available in either a spool valve or double stacked tube design. This is one of the best paintball gun deals on the market if you want to have a competitive and reliable paintball gun without spending too much money.

Dye Paintball Guns
- You will find a HIGH price paintball gun selection
The Dye paintball gun started off in 2004 with the DM4 series paintball gun. Each year Dye upgrades their paintball guns to be lighter, faster and more efficient. Based of the original Matrix paintball gun, Dye continues to perfect and innovate the DM series of paintball guns used by professional tournament teams the world over. The scenario scene got the Dye treatment with the DAM paintball gun, with high performance and milsim looks and feel.

Extreme Rage Paintball Guns - You will find a LOW price paintball gun selection
If you are looking for a great deal then look no further than the Extreme Rage paintball guns. They are light weight and great for anyone on a budget that is sick of using rental paintball guns. The Extreme rage paintball guns are very basic and require a minimal amount of maintenance. Upkeep on this paintball gun is a snap and includes a full 1 year warranty directly through the manufacturer.

GOG Paintball Guns - You will find a LOW & MID price paintball gun selection
GOG paintball guns are a continuation of the classic Smart Parts paintball guns. GOG guns put smooth shooting performance into any player's hands for not a lot of money. The GOG spool valve design makes their guns easy to clean and maintain while providing an accurate shot with very little kick. Check out GOG for an affordable and light weight marker.

Indian Creek Designs Paintball Guns - You will find a LOW price paintball gun selection
Indian Creek Designs paintball guns are known to be reliable and fast shooting markers for the money. ICD markers like the Bushmaster and BKO are light weight and affordable.

Invert Paintball Guns - You will find a MID price paintball gun selection
The Invert series paintball guns have proven to be one of the lightest weight and reliable guns on the market. The Invert Mini paintball gun is the first gun to have no external hoses. You will notice there is no macro line but that your air from the tank flows directly through the grip frame and to the internals of the gun. The Invert Mini is very easy to maintain and will be a great choice for anyone that wants a great performing gun at a reasonable price.

JT Paintball Guns - You will find a LOW & High price paintball gun selection
JT paintball guns have been around for years making great entry level guns that are easy to maintain. JT paintball guns are available as the gun only or in Ready To Play kits. The JT Impulse paintball gun is their flagship marker used by professional paintball teams worldwide.

Kingman/Spyder Paintball Guns - You will find a LOW price paintball gun selection
If you have been thinking about picking up a gun then you have heard of the Spyder series paintball guns. The Spyder paintball gun first hit the market in the mid 90s and was an affordable marker that was reliable and durable. Over the years the Spyder has evolved and changed with over 100 different models produced since the beginning. We currently stock all of the current Spyder paintball guns that are available on the market.

Luxe Paintball Guns
- You will find a HIGH price paintball gun selection
DLX technology released the Luxe paintball guns in 2008 and have taken the tournament scene by storm. The Luxe is one of the most expensive paintball guns on the market and for good reason. When you get a Luxe in your hands you can feel the quality and craftsmanship which put it in a league of its own. The Luxe is a very smooth shooting paintball gun with great consistency, minimal kick and amazing accuracy.

MacDev Paintball Guns - You will find a MID & HIGH price paintball gun selection
MacDev has been producing paintball guns since 2003 and continues to step up their game with each model. They have a good selection on higher end paintball guns for both the speedball/tournament players as well as the woodsball/scenario guys. MacDev paintball guns are highly trusted and are backed by a great company.

Mokal Paintball Guns - You will find a MID price paintball gun selection
Mokal has been producing paintball guns for many years. Mokal stepped away from entry level markers to concentrate on high performance paintball guns. Check out Mokal for a smooth and fast shooting marker without breaking your bank account.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns - You will find a MID & HIGH price paintball gun selection
Check out Eclipse paintball guns when you're ready to get serious about paintball. The Planet Eclipse paintball guns are the most widely used tournament gun on the market. The award winning Ego series paintball gun has elevated every players standard for how a gun should shoot. The Geo series brings the Planet Eclipse expertise to the spool valve design. The Etek series puts tournament winning Ego features in your hands for less money. The Etha series markers are Planet Eclipse high performance economy model, proving you don't need to lose performance on a tight budget.

Proto Paintball Guns
- You will find a LOW & MID price paintball gun selection
If you like the Dye paintball guns but don't find the price tag attractive, Proto is the next best thing. The Proto series paintball guns are built with the quality and precision of the high end but are very affordable. The Reflex series is one of the best high performance deals on the market. The Rail series puts serious firepower in your hands at an entry level price.

Tiberius Paintball Guns - You will find a LOW, MID & HIGH price paintball gun selection
If a realistic paintball gun is up your alley the the Tiberius Arms paintball guns are what you need. The Tiberius guns are most commonly used in the scenario and woodsball games and are fully customizable with different attachments and upgrades to improve the guns performance and realistic appearance.

Tippmann Paintball Guns - You will find a LOW & MID price paintball gun selection
If durability and reliability are some of the first things that come to mind when you are looking for a new paintball gun then Tippmann has what you need. Tippmann is the oldest paintball gun manufacturer in the industry and makes products that are referred to as "bullet proof". The Tippmann 98 paintball gun is the most basic in the series and still works great with minimal maintenance and a ton of abuse. The Tippmann A5 is their mid-price paintball gun and comes with a Cyclone Feed loading system which will keep your paintball gun from chopping paint. The flagship Tippmann X7 Phenom paintball gun starts at about $300 and is a player favorite for woodsball performance and scenario looks. The Tippmann Crossover is their entry into tournament markers, fast and reliable for speedball and woodsball.

US Army Paintball Guns - You will find a LOW price paintball gun selection
The officially licensed US Army paintball gun line are built by Tippmann so you know they are durable and reliable. The US Army markers stand up to abuse and are simple to maintain. Their cast aluminum construction and military looks and feel make them a popular first paintball gun scenario/ woodsball players.

Valken Paintball Guns - You will find a LOW price paintball gun selection
Valken paintball guns are great quality and easy to clean and maintain. The Valken paintball guns are most commonly used as rentals at fields so you know they will be able to handle some serious abuse and keep working. Check out the full line of Valken paintball guns and get on the field.

Vanguard Paintball Guns - You will find a HIGH price paintball gun selection
The Vanguard paintball guns are produced in Europe and are considered top of the line paintball guns. They are a newcomer to the sport of paintball but their design and quality is amazing. The Vanguard paintball gun is a stacked tube design that is very efficient and keeps up with the best paintball guns on the market. This is one of the few paintball guns that comes stock with a barrel kit.

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