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As with everything in paintball, it will not be easy for you to pick the right paintball jersey that exactly fits your needs. Choosing the right size paintball jersey and the right color can be crucial to your game. Here you will find our great paintball jersey sale with hundreds of jerseys in stock in all colors. Order the paintball jersey you are looking for at a great price and get on the field now!
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There are two main style differences between all of the paintball jerseys on the market. You first have your Scenario/Woodsball paintball jerseys which usually come in a variety of camo patterns to keep you hidden and discrete on the paintball field. The scenario paintball jerseys are sometimes made out of lighter weight material in order to breathe better when you have all your gear on.

A tournament paintball jersey tends to be brighter in color, more expensive and have a little bit more protection. The Tournament paintball jersey is built to stand up to the toughest conditions a player can be in. Expect a tournament paintball jersey to give you those bounces you want and to be extra durable.

Below we will take a look at some of the most popular brand paintball jerseys and give you a quick rundown so you can be a more informed buyer.

BT Paintball jerseys are very scenario/woodsball based with two different lineups. The BT Combat series paintball jersey is very economically priced and has some great features. The Combat series paintball jersey has reinforced elbow pads, padded shoulders and padded chest pads. Also the BT Combat paintball jersey has the new trend of thumb loop hole sleeves which will keep the jersey from sliding up during intense battle.

The BT Professional paintball jersey is their more expensive line and has all the necessary features of a professional scenario paintball jersey. The main body of the Professional paintball jersey is made from a moisture wicking material with great breathable mesh panels.

Also on the BT Professional paintball jerseys you will find some of the best jersey elbow pads. The ballistic nylon reinforced elbow pads are very durable and will keep your elbows protected while crawling through the toughest terrain.

Dye C series paintball jerseys are some of the most premier and highest priced tournament paintball jerseys on the market. You will be able to feel the quality of the Dye paintball jersey as soon as you have it in your hands.

The Dye C series paintball jersey is one of the most used jerseys by pro paintball teams from all over the world. If you are looking for a creme of the crop paintball jersey then check out the quality of the Dye Paintball jersey lineup.

The Empire Paintball jersey lineup was one of the first jerseys on the market to specifically cater to tournament paintballers. They originally came out with 3 different versions of paintball jerseys which all catered to different price points.  They soon found out that people wanted the best so they discontinued their less expensive paintball jerseys and continued the production on the Empire Contact series Paintball jersey.

The Empire paintball jersey is released in a standard version as well as an LTD version each year. Both of the Empire paintball jerseys have similar features but you will find a little bit more padding and unique looking designs on the LTD series. The standard Empire Contact LTD Paintball jersey is a little more plain looking and tends to appeal more to the masses.  

The Hybrid Paintball jersey is one of the cheap paint ball jerseys that will be selling out quick. The Hybrid jersey is a great quality tournament jersey but is no longer being produced. If you have been looking for a serious tournament paintball jersey at a great price, then look no further.

The Invert paintball jersey is a very reasonably priced and caters to the recreational paintball player. The Invert jersey is manufactured by the same company that produces the Empire jerseys and is a lot plainer than their Contact line.  

Similar to the Empire series, the Invert Paintball jersey is available in both an LTD and Standard style. The standard Invert Prevail paintball jersey is very basic and does not have much padding or protection. They price of the Prevail series paintball jersey makes it a great starting point for any recreational paintball player.

On the other hand, the Invert LTD Paintball jersey comes with some great padding an protection already built in. Also, the jersey material of the Invert Prevail jersey is a lot more rugged and durable which means you will have a good quality and long lasting paintball jersey.

Planet Eclipse paintball jerseys are some of the most sought after jerseys in the sport. Their unique designs and patterns make them a favorite paintball jersey in the sport.

The Proto paintball jersey is the little brother of the Dye C series paintball jerseys. The Proto jersey is very affordable priced and is each year is manufactured in a variety of different patterns. A lot of times, you will be able to score a great deal on a previous year Proto Paintball jersey.

The Sly paintball jersey is one of the most under rated paintball jerseys in the sport. The Sly paintball jersey is fairly new to the paintball community and has one of the higher price tags. The unique feel and materials of the Sly Paintball jersey makes it stand out from the crowd and make it something special.

Last but not least we have the Valken paintball jersey line. The Valken paintball jerseys are new to the sport and come in 3 different versions each year. The Valken Fate paintball jersey is the most basic in their line and is very similar to the Invert Prevail jersey. The Fate jersey is very basic and has a minimal amount of protection.

The Valken Crusade paintball jersey is one of the best deals you will find and retails at just about $50. There is a great amount of padding and unique design to each of the colors that the jersey is available in.

The top of the line Valken paintball jersey is the Redemption series. The Redemption series jerseys each have unique patterns and come fully loaded with a ton of protection and and padding which includes some heavily reinforced elbow protection.
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