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One of your most important pieces of paintball gear is your paintball mask. The most important part of your mask is your paintball lens. The lens is what you see your game through and what keeps your eyes protected on the field. If your lens is damaged, it truly will affect your paintball game. Most people dont know how easy it is to replace your paintball mask lens.
Base Dye Empire EVS & Vents Lenses
We have the full selection of Dye mask lenses available for all Dye Masks including the I3, I4, I5 and . We carry such an array of lenses to cope with all of the different lighting conditions on a paintball field. A clean Dye paintball lens will keep you looking good on the field as well as let you clearly see the entire paintball field.

For about 25 bucks, a new Dye Paintball Mask lens will make a world of difference and you will wonder what took you so long to replace it in the first place.
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Extreme Rage HK Army SLY
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Tippmann Jt Proto
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JT paintball makes a variety of replacement thermal lenses to replace your current JT lens. All of the JT paintball lenses we carry are thermal which means they are dual paned similar to a dual pane window. This keeps your paintball mask from fogging up and extends the life of your lens. The most common of the Jt lenses are the Spectra/Flex lens. They are pretty universal and go in the majority of the paintball masks on the market. The next most common JT goggle lens would be for the Elite series masks. The JT Elite masks are usually lower priced masks that sell for under 35 or 40 dollars. The JT Elite lens has a smaller field of vision and is only compatible with the Elite series. The last version of the JT paintball lens we carry is the QLS lens which is compatible with all of the newest JT QLS Series goggles. The QLS JT lens works with a quick lock system for easy lens changing or replacement. more info
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Push V-Force
Grab a replacement Push Unite Paintball mask lens today. Different playing conditions call for different lenses to give you optimal vision on the field. We have the largest selection of Push Unite Lenses available at the best possible pricing. Order your new lens today and upgrade your mask. more info
V Force Paintball has been around since about 2002 with their Profiler Series Paintball Mask. V Force Revolutionized the industry with their quick change lens system that could literally be Changed out in under a minute. This has made it possible to change your V Force lens in between games so that you can adjust to weather and lighting conditions. V Force Paintball Lenses come in a variety of colors which are much more subtle than all of the other paintball masks on the market.

V Force has a special step in their production process that applies an anti fog coat. Unlike every other paintball mask, the V Force lens is not thermal paned. In most cases, lenses use a thermal based system in order to prevent the mask from fogging up on the paintball field. The vital step of the V Force Lens and the big difference is the anti fog coating baked onto the inside of the lens. It goes through this process so it will not fog and can not be removed through normal wear & tear or cleaning.
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There are three main reasons you would want to replace your paintball mask lens. The first and most important reason you would want to change out your paintball lens is if it is chipped or damaged. This is very important because once a paintball lens is in this condition, it is unsafe to use on the field as it does not have the structural integrity to protect your face from paintballs flying at over 200 MPH.

The second reason you would want to change out your paintball mask lens would be to adjust to the weather and light conditions. Paintball lenses come in a variety of different colors and each one has its own purpose. The mirror coated mask lens lets you see out of the mask but doesn't allow anyone to see in your mask. Most of the mirror lenses have the base lens smoke with the mirror coating on the outside. Yellow and amber paintball mask lenses are usually best for low light conditions and brighten everything around you up. Smoke and dark smoke paintball lenses are usually best for sunny days and open areas. It is important you pick the right lens that suits your playing conditions.

The third reason you may want to change your paintball mask lens is from just plain old wear and tear. Over time, the paintball lens continually takes abuse and is not able to give you the clear view that you had when the mask was brand new. You may become accustom to the dirty lens and because you dont see any major scratches and you will continue to use it. Once you get your new paintball mask lens, you will forget how good it feels to have that crystal clear view of the paintball field.

Most paintball mask lenses can be changed out in less than 3 minutes.
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