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The paintball mask is the most crucial part of your paintball gear. It is the one item that you are forced wear on the field and cant remove for any circumstance. If you don't pick the right mask, you will suffer through your days of play and be forced to find one that better suits your needs.

Paintball Masks come in a range of sizes, shapes, looks and prices. If you are looking for a good quality paintball mask you will want to check out our selection of goggles over $40 . Our less expensive paintball masks tend to have less protection, lenses that fog and less comfortable foam lining. The foam is one of the most important parts of the paintball mask since it is what makes contact with your face and keeps you comfortable. You want to get a good mask so you are not fogging and your foam stays in good condition over time.

You can always give us a call or live chat to get our opinion as to what the best paintball mask is for your price range.
Accessories Anti-Dust Face Masks Base Paintball Masks
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Have you been searching for an affordable quality mask? Base Paintball Masks provide options with the Functional Fit (GS-F) or the Optic Clarity Variant (GS-O). There are also upgrade and replacement parts available to accommodate your needs or upgrade after purchase!
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Dye Paintball Masks Empire Paintball Masks Extreme Rage Paintball Masks
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This is your one stop Empire Mask outlet. We stock every Empire Mask they produce and have tons of them in stock and ready to ship out today. If you want a great price and best selection, order your mask today and be comfortable on the paintball field. Empire Paintball has been around for quite some time and they make some of the best products in paintball. Their Empire Mask line is no exception and is one of the best picks. more info
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Gen X Global Paintball Masks Helmets HK Army KLR Paintball Mask
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Invert Paintball Masks JT Paintball Masks Kingman Paintball Masks
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Planet Eclipse Paintball Masks Proto Paintball Masks Push Paintball Masks
The Proto Paintball masks are a great set of goggles that have been around for quite some time. Over the evolution of paintball masks, the Proto Masks have come the furthest from what they once were. They have designed a unique tournament level paintball mask that has great crossover from recreational play to the most advanced and high paced tournament and scenario games.

The New Proto Axis Pro Masks have a unique quick change lens system that allows you to quickly swap out your lens for cleaning, replacement or to change tints for the day. Overall the Proto Mask Lineup is great across the board and will suit the pickiest of paintball players.
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Save Phace Paintball Masks SLY Paintball Masks V Force Paintball Masks
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Valken Paintball Masks
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We pride ourselves in carrying the biggest selection of paintball masks online. We have everything in stock at every possible price range from the most basic starter masks to the highly advanced goggles. All of our Paintball Masks are in stock and ready to ship out today. Be sure to check out the goggle accessories and upgrades you can get for your paintball mask.

To better help you break down our paintball mask category, we will go over some of the basics from each of the above featured categories.

Paintball Mask Accessories - The Paintball mask accessories feature an array of items which include new ear pieces, lenses, anti fog sprays, goggle bands, replacement parts, game timers and fans. This category has accessories for all brand paintball masks.

Dye Paintball Masks - The Dye paintball masks were some of the first "Tournament Paintball Masks" on the market. Their unique designs have innovated the paintball mask category and have inspired some of their new designs such as the Dye I4. If you are looking for a pro level paintball mask, then check out the Dye Category.

Empire Paintball Masks - Empire paintball masks are very advanced and have a great field of vision. The stock thermal lens in the Empire paintball masks ensure that you will not be fogging up on the paintball field. The Empire paintball mask has one of the most secure quick change lens systems so you can easily clean your lens.

Extreme Rage Paintball Masks - The Extreme Rage paintball mask is made by Kee Action sports and is very similar to their Invert paintball mask lineup. The Extreme Rage paintball mask comes in a few varieties of protection from their standard paintball mask all the way to the fully protective headshield series paintball masks.

GXG Paintball Masks - The Gen X Global series paintball masks are the most basic goggle on the market. They offer good protection and are one of the the only paintball masks on the market that does not offer an upgradeable thermal lens.

HK Army Paintball Masks - HK Army paintball masks are set to take the paintball industry by storm. The KLR Goggle is a modular design so you can customize the look as mild or as wild as you want, as well as loaded with great features. If you're the type of player who wants to be noticed then check out the complete line of HK Army paintball goggles and accessories.

Invert Paintball Masks - If you are looking for an affordable paintball mask at a reasonable price, check out the Invert series paintball masks. The Invert paintball mask comes stock with a fan as well as a thermal lens so you will be cool on the paintball field. The Invert paintball mask is also very comfortable and is adjustable to fit the head of any paintballer.

JT Paintball Masks - The JT Paintball mask was the most popular mask in paintball for over 15 years. Their innovation of paintball masks allowed players to get great protection, good perferial vision and a thermal lens. The JT series paintball masks became big with the launch of the Spectra in the mid 1990s

Proto Paintball Masks - The Proto Paintball mask is the little brother to the Dye series of paintball masks. The Proto Paintball mask offers very similar features to that of the Dye and is a lot more affordable. Starting at only $29.95, you can get a great quality paintball mask without breaking the bank.

Sly Paintball Masks - Sly Paintball masks are some of the newest released in a while. It is not often that you see a company enter the paintball mask market, but they hit the nail on the head with the new Sly Profit paintball mask. The Profit paintball mask is very well designed and priced to give you your best bang for the buck.

Tippmann Paintball Masks - The Tippmann paintball mask is great for any paintball player starting or looking for matching Tippmann paintball gear. The Tippmann paintball masks are most commonly included in the customized Tippmann Power Packs.

V Force Paintball Masks - V-Force paintball masks are known for comfort and their quick change lens systems. V-Force goggles come in a wide range of models from entry level and field rental grade all the way to high end, low profile tournament style. Check out V-Force for a well built and easy to clean paintball mask.

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