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Paintball pads and paintball protection are necessary if you want to have a fun and safe day on the paintball field. There are five main types of paintball pads which are not required but are recommended. Read about the major paintball pads and protection categories listed below.

Paintball Chest Protector - As you go through all of our paintball pads you will see our huge selection of paintball chest protectors. The paintball chest protectors start at only $14.95 and top out at just over $50. There are two main types of chest protectors in our paintball pads category. You can go with a standard front and back chest protector or a full chest protector shirt.

The basic chest protectors tend to be more affordable but do not provide near the amount of padding as the chest protector shirts.

Paintball Elbow Pads - Elbow pads can be a vital part of your paintball pads. Not only will your elbow pads protect your elbows and forearms when you are on the ground, they also keep your forearms protected when you get hit with a paintball. Most paintball players lead with their gun and often get shot in the hands and arms. Any of the paintball elbow pads we carry will keep you out of the painful forearm shots.

Over the years the paintball elbow pads have continued to improve and are now more practical and and suitable for paintball. Most of them include a thumb strap to keep the pad from sliding up your arm, a velcro strap at the top to keep the pad from sliding down and a contoured elbow cavity so you can easily flex and bend your elbow.

Paintball Head Protection - We have a huge selection of paintball head protection available for you to choose from. The most common types of paintball pads for your head are headbands and head wraps. Not only do they give your forehead protection but keep your sweat from dripping in your eyes.

Some of the padding companies also make padded sweatbands to cushion the impact of a paintball and to keep you cool on the field. Some of the most popular headbands and head wraps are Dye, Planet Eclipse and Proto Paintball.

Paintball Knee Pads - Through your search of paintball pads it is inevitable that you will come across our knee and knee/shin pads. All of our knee pads are specifically designed for the flexibility, protection and comfort of a serious paintball player. Most paintball players don't realize the amount of wear and tear on your knees through a full day of paintball until they get on the field themselves.

The first question you need to figure out is whether you want a standard knee pad of if you want the knee and shin protection. The standard knee pad is a 2 to 1 seller over the more intricate knee/shin pad. Some of the most common paintball knee pad manufacturers include Dye, Empire, NXE, Planet Eclipse and Sly.

Paintball Neck Protector - A paintball neck protector is a must have if you want to stay fully protected on the field. Your neck is one of the few spots on your body that are exposed to a direct hit with a paintball. When a paintball hits the bare skin and breaks, it will welt up and the shell can damage your skin.

A shot to the throat or neck is by far the most painful place to be shot if you're not wearing this paintball pad. The most popular and protective paintball neck protectors are manufactured by BT, DYE, NXE and Valken.
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