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BT DYE Empire
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ANSgear is proud to offer the entire line of Empire Paintball Pod Packs and Harnesses.  Empire Paintball is one of the oldest companies in the sport and cater to every level of player. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned tournament pro, you can depend on an Empire pod pack to help you win. more info
Exalt Full Clip Gen X Global
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GI Sportz HK Army Holsters
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Hydration Systems Inexpensive Packs JT
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Need a cheap paintball harness? We have a huge selection of inexpensive paintball pod packs and pod pouches for the player on a tight budget. Choose from a wide variety of paintball harnesses that are all under 15 bucks! more info
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NXE PI Pinokio
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Check out these cheap Paintball Inc. pod pouches and paintball harnesses. The PI pod pack is an economical and convenient way to carry some extra paint with you for reloading. We have PI paintball belt pouches in stock for the beginner player. more info
Planet Eclipse Pods Tippmann
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Valken Vests Vests Accessories
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Gen X Global Lightweight Tactical Vest - Black Gen X Global Lightweight Tactical Vest - Black
Our Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $24.95

Warrior Paintball Tactical Vest - Black Warrior Paintball Tactical Vest - Black
Our Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $29.95

HK Army 2014 Eject 4+3+4 Paintball Harness - Arctic HK Army 2014 Eject 4+3+4 Paintball Harness - Arctic
Our Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $54.95

No matter if you are a light or a heavy shooter, you are going to need to haul extra paintballs with you. Choosing the right paintball pack, paintball vest, and paintball pods can make carrying and reloading paintballs quick and comfortable. We stock a huge selection of all models of pod packs, harnesses, tactical vests and pods to suit every player. Let's look at a few of the options.

Pod Belt Pouch - These are simple paintball belt pouches that slip onto your belt or come with a supplied belt. They typically carry one to three pods. If you don't need to carry very much ammo to reload then a pod belt pouch is a cheap and effective solution.

Horizontal Pod Pack - These harnesses fasten around your waist by a strap with clip or an elastic waist belt. They carry your pods in a horizontal position on your back. There are pros and cons to this kind of pack. Pods are not only easy to reach but they are also easy to put back into place and secure the strap while playing. This makes horizontal packs popular for woodsball since you can't simply drop a pod to be picked up later in the forest. The downside to a horizontal pod pack is that they stick out from the side, making you a bigger target as well as hard to lay on your side or roll out of the way when prone.

When you see a pod pack say "+1", such as a 4+1, 6+1, etc., that means it has a large pouch to hold an air tank for your remote system. While there are a few vertical pod packs that are +1s, the majority of them are horizontals.

Vertical Pod Pack - These harnesses are worn around the waist by a strap with clip or, more commonly, an elastic waist belt. They hold your pods vertically, usually in individual slots with a strap to keep them secure. They are typically designed to hold pods with the lids downward, so you reach back and pull from the bottom. Many models have elastic straps on top to hold the pod under tension, working as an ejector for faster reloading time. Vertical packs keep your pods close to your body, making them easier to move in and be a smaller target to get hit. The downside is that pods can be a bit harder to put back in the slots quickly during a woods game without practice.

When you see a "+" number with a vertical pod pack, that is referring to elastic pod loops. These are stretchy additional loops sewn in between the pod slots. They hold one pod each and you simply pull the pod out to use, drop it and pick up later (you cannot easily put them back mid game). You add the total number of slots and pod loops together to know how many pods a vertical harness holds. Thus, a "3+2" holds five pods total, a "4+3" holds seven, etc.. If there are loops on each end of the pod slots then they are describes with an addition "+2", thus a "3+2+2" harness holds seven pods, a "4+3+2" holds nine, and so on.

Paintball Vest - A paintball vest is popular with woodsball and scenario players who need to carry all kinds of gear for a long game. A tactical paintball vest distributes the weight over the body and just looks cool at the same time. Paintball vests have several pockets to hold small gear and personal items like squeegees, radios, maps, wallet, keys, and such. Most vest have several points of adjustment for height and waist, can attach to a belt to prevent bouncing up and down, and work like a chest protector to absorb impact from close range paintball hits.

There are two kinds of paintball vests: a sewn (or static) vest and a MOLLE vest. A sewn paintball vest has all the pockets, pod slots, tank pouch and other features permanently sewn into the vest. Sewn vests are typically lower cost and durable. The disadvantage is that you cannot relocate pouches and such.

This is where MOLLE vests come in. MOLLE stands for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment and is a design direct from police and military use. The MOLLE system uses a series of loops sewn onto a vest or other item. Pouches and accessories have straps with snaps and Velcro on the back. These straps are threaded through the webbing loops to secure them to the vest. MOLLE paintball vests can cost more to build but have the advantage of being completely customizable. You can add, remove or relocate pouches and accessories to suit your needs and fit.

Paintball Pods - These are the tubes that hold your extra paint. They are also known as Paintball Tubes and Paintball Pots in Europe. The usual size holds 140 paintballs, so you can fill up the typical 200 round hopper without waiting for it to be empty. They are also available in 50 and 100ball sizes, with special 10 round tube versions for stock class pump players. They have spring loaded lids you pop open with your thumb.

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