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Paintball scenario guns all have specific attributes that put them in this category. The main scenario paintball gun features are the real Military Simulation weight, upgradable options and their durability.  The ANS Scenario paintball gun store has all of the serious scenario guns on the market.
Some of the main scenario paintball guns are the Tippmann 98, Tippmann A5, Tippmann X7, Bob Long M-Tac, MacDev Drone, Smart Parts Vibe & SP1, the RAP4 Series and the entire lineup of guns from BT paintball. Each of these companies and guns have different attributes that make them very successful scenario paintball guns.

The two most widely used scenario paintball guns would have to be the Tippmann A5 and Tippmann X7 guns. They are the two most durable guns in paintball and will consistently give you the best performance every time you gas us your gun. They can be run on either CO2 or Compressed air making them very versatile.

The Tippmann A5 and X7 both come stock with a cyclone feed system which auto loads paintballs into the gun without the use of batteries. This means that these are the only two scenario paintball guns that it would be impossible to chop paint with.

The BT scenario paintball guns are of great quality as well and is lead by the new BT TM15 paintball gun. The TM15 is very similar to the inner workings of the popular Invert Mini but is modeled after a scenario paintball gun. The TM15 is very efficient, has no external hoses and is built to last.

Any of the Paintball Scenario Gun brands that we carry all have something different to offer and are all great guns. You will not be disappointed with any purchase made from this category.
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