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If you're looking to customize your paintball vest with cool MOLLE vest accessories then you've come to the right place. ANSgear has the largest selection of paintball vest accessories and tactical upgrades you will find anywhere.
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BT 3+4 Pod Pouch Paintball Harness - Woodland Digi Camo BT 3+4 Pod Pouch Paintball Harness - Woodland Digi Camo
Our Price: $28.95
Sale Price: $16.95

2011 Dye Tactical Modular Pouch - Double - DyeCam Dye 2011 Tactical 1.0 Locking Lid Pouch - 2 Pod DyeCam
Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $9.95

ANSgear has all the popular paintball vest accessories you are shopping for.

Paintball Vest Pod Pouch - The #1 paintball vest accessory people are looking for are vest pod pouches. These will attach with the MOLLE straps and let you load pods onto the vest. Most are in one, two, or three pod slot capacity with external elastic loops to carry more on the outside.

Paintball Vest Air Tank Pouch - The #2 paintball vest accessory people get is a vest air tank pouch. This is a requirement if you are planning on using a remote line. A paintball air tank pouch attaches to your vest with the MOLLE straps and typically have additional straps to secure the heavy tank from coming loose and banging around. Tanks will mount vertically (best for CO2) or horizontally (most comfortable), with the best air tank pouches able to do both.

Paintball Vest Zipper Pouch - These handy MOLLE vest pouches come in a variety of sizes and designs. They provide a secure place for small gear like squeegees, scenario documents, or personal items.

Paintball Vest Radio Pouch - These popular MOLLE vest pouches are made to hold the common small handheld radios seen in big games and scenario events. They typically have holes for the antenna and wires for ear buds and throat mics.

Paintball Vest ID Pouch - This versatile MOLLE pouch, often referred to as paintball vest admin pouch, is perfect for those scenario games or tournaments that require you to carry an ID card. These pouches have a see through plastic window so hold your ID card securely along with other important small items.

Paintball Vest Pistol Holster - If you carry a paintball pistol sidearm then definitely look into getting a MOLLE pistol holster. We carry a variety of paintball vest holsters for the Tiberius T8.1, Tippmann TiPX, and other popular paintball pistols. These will mount securely to your MOLLE paintball vest to keep your back-up secure and within reach.

Paintball Vest Pod Dump Pouch - If you carry pods in the external pod pouch loops or just need to stow a pod fast without dropping it in the woods then you need a pod dump pouch. This great MOLLE vest accessory attaches via the usual straps and unfolds to provide a hanging bag to drop pods into.
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