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This is the first look at the brand new 2013 Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 paintball gun. As you can see, the Ego LV1 is a completely re-designed gun from its previous Ego 11 model.

Here are some of the features of the new Ego LV1:
+ Integrated LPR - With the LPR being moved inside the body, you can grip the front potion of the gun better than all previous model Ego Guns. This slight tweak helps the overall ergonomics of the LV1.
+ Reduced Profile - With the trigger frame being closer to the hopper, the Ego LV1 has a very balanced design and a very reduced profile.
+ Macro Less Design - With the air flow of the new Ego running directly through the grip frame to the regulator, the macroline has been completely removed. A short metal tube connects the frame to the reg which looks and functions in a very effective manner
+ Molded Rubber Foregrip - The front grip and regulator of the Eclipse Ego LV1 have a molded rubber front grip to help you get a better grip on your gun.
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