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Check out the new 2010 Planet Eclipse Etek 3 paintball gun. This is one of the best mid price paintball guns on the market with performance of the high end markers. The new Etek 3 gun is very light weight and has many similar features to the all new Ego Ten. Order your Etek 3 so you can be one of the first people to dominate the field with this paintball gun.
Since the initial release of the Etek 3 paintball guns, the guns have been in high demand and have proven to be one of the most popular paintball guns on the market.

The Etek 3 LT paintball gun is the more basic version of the two and shoots great out of the box. The main drawback of purchasing the Etek 3 LT is the composite parts which include the frame, feed neck and eye covers. All of the parts on the Etek 3 LT have a full warranty and are very durable. With this gun being about $100 less expensive than the Etek 3 AM, it is a very viable option for the paintball player looking for a high quality tournament gun but is on a budget.

The Etek 3 AM is the pride and joy of the Etek series paintball guns. The main reason that people choose the Etek 3 AM over the less expensive LT is for the upgraded metal parts mentioned above. Both of the guns will shoot the exact same but the Etek 3 AM has a much more durable and sturdy feel to it.

One of the most common upgrades for either of the Etek 3 paintball guns is an upgraded Etek 3 Trigger which increases comfort as well and rates of fire.

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