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If you are looking for precision performance, reliability and functionality, look no further than the all new Planet Eclipse Gtek 160R. This update on the original Gtek gives you all of the bells and whistles of a high-end paintball gun with the mid-level price.
Packed with tons of features, here are some of the show stoppers that make the Gtek 160R one of the best dollar for dollar paintball guns on the market.

Gamma Core Drivetrain - This is truly one of the best bolt systems on any paintball gun. The Gamma Core is extremely soft on brittle paint meaning no mess to clean up while keeping you in the game longer. Looking for a quiet gun? The Gamma bolt system has one of the softest sound signatures on any paintball gun. In addition to the quiet sound signature, barrel rise is very minimal while on PSP ramping or full auto. This helps with more consistent ball on ball accuracy.

All Metal Construction -

Pipe Air Transfer System -

OLED Screen - On the previous Gtek Base model, an upgraded OLED screen would cost you $100. The Gtek 160R has the OLED screen stock on the gun. This is a classic feature on most high end paintball guns and makes adjusting dwell, ROF, modes or settings a cinch.
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