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Proto pants are the well known sister company of the Dye C10 series pants. The Dye version of the pants have been around for quite some time and lead in the industry in terms of quality and craftsmanship.  The Proto paintball pants are almost half the price of the Dye series pants and aren't too much skimped down on quality.
If you are looking for a great pair of paintball pants that are going to perform then check out your Proto paintball pants. We usually have a few years of Proto pants for you to choose from with the older selection being much more affordable than the newest versions.

The Proto pants do not have many features as they change over the years and it is mostly aesthetics. There are a few features on the Proto pants that stand out and are very important to anyone who will be wearing these pants.

The Proto Pants come in adjustable waist sizes so be sure you pick the correct size. When selecting the size on your Proto Pants, try and choose a size that puts you right in the middle of their range.  If I was a 34 inch waist, I would choose Proto pants that are adjust between 32-36.  This will give me ample space in the pants and keep them comfortable.

The Padded crotch of the Proto pants is there to make any guy a little bit more at ease. Were not claiming it still wont hurt.... just that it will defiantly help reduce the pain.
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