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The Proto Maxxed Rize paintball gun is essentially an upgraded Rize right out of the box! The Maxxed Rize comes standard with all of the great features found on the basic Rize as well as a Two-Piece 14 Barrel, Lever Lock Clamping Feed Neck, and On/Off Air Port ASA. For $75.00 more than the standard Rize, this is well worth the money. If you were to spend the money and get these upgrades separately then it would cost you well over $100!

The first upgrade on the Rize is probably the most important and that is the two-piece 14 barrel. The two-piece barrel is longer and more accurate than the standard 12 barrel found on the Proto Rize. The whole point of the game is to hit your target and to do that, you need to be accurate. This barrel will help you accomplish just that.

Patented Fusion Bolt Spool Valve Technology allows the Proto Maxxed Rize to shoot at a very low operating pressure of just 140psi. The lower the operating pressure, the smoother your shot will be. This is essential to laying down cover fire or pinning an opponent down behind a bunker. If your marker is kicking a lot and causing the barrel to rise up then you will have a harder time being accurate. With the Maxxed Rize, you can count on the gun staying on target with little to no effort!

The Lever Lock Clamping Feed Neck will keep your hopper secure and can quickly and easily be adjusted. Running around with a hopper full of paint can cause your loader to wiggle in your feed neck. With the Lever Lock, you can be assured that your loader will stay snug and secure.

An On/Off Airport ASA makes attaching and detaching tanks a piece of cake. Simply turn off the air when you are done shooting, bleed out the hose and then unscrew the tank without air blowing out and breaking o-rings. This is much safer and all around more convenient than a traditional ASA with no on/off capabilities.
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